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Alex's Definition of a Band


I hope you're doing great! I’m very happy to discuss Alex's daily studio diaries for a third episode! This week, I want to focus on 1 topic; what it means to be part of a band according to Alex.

I’ll be sharing about this fine line between art and commerce, the main essence of why we’re doing all of this — being what we create together, which is above and beyond ourselves — and of course, some delightful behind the scenes with my lovely partners in crime Ben and Stephanie!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions following Alex's diaries or this video, I'll also answer them at the beginning of every week!

See you again next Tuesday!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,




Alex's Diaries

Sausage creative let go
A sonic world tour & a pizza boy incident
Moose... We're all DAF now?!?
Drummond Vinyl (Alex, the artist-entrepreneur)
Gifts from you guys (Our friends & family)
Alex’s new album producer, Mikko Gordon
More about the team
Alex and Ben making some noise (Also on TikTok)


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