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Dogmatism vs. Emancipation

Dogmatism vs. Emancipation


I hope you're doing great! I’m very happy to discuss Alex's daily studio diaries for a fourth episode! This week, I want to focus on 1 topic; dogmatism versus emancipation.

I’ll be sharing about how hard last week has been for us all, as we’ve been used to working together in a certain way, and it is being challenged daily right now! We spent years working on our craft and letting go of that is everything but easy! And of course, you’ll get a few delightful behind-the-scenes with my lovely partners in crime; Ben and Stephanie!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions following Alex's diaries or this video, I'll also answer them at the beginning of every week!

See you again next Tuesday with more details about Alex’s new musical project!!!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,


Alex's Studio Diaries

Tape Loops
➡ Song Titles
    ➡ Up Til Dawn
    ➡ Memories
    ➡ Burning the Bridges
    ➡ Architect of Time
    ➡ Am I Still Awake
Comfort Zone
Snare Contest (How many snare shots does Ben give in this snippet?)
3-Minute Songs
Working with friends (The HTR cemetery of all the old filming gear)


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