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Green Room Series, Week #2 - The Art of Letting Go!

Green Room Series, Week #2 - The Art of Letting Go!


I hope you’re doing well...! I’m back in the van as we’re driving from Weinheim back to Cologne after what has been such a memorable concert at the Café Central! We’re listening to the playlist Alex prepared before leaving, which he’ll be updating prior to every concert we play. The vibe in the van is through the roof following what has been such a beautifully inspiring concert and meetings with pretty much everyone after the show...! 

Last week was quite intense as we were getting ready for the first in-venue concert for Alex. We didn’t want to simply repeat what we had shared together the last time we came in 2022. It was really important for Alex and all of us to build new musical moments and emotions for everyone to reach new levels of noisy let go, where the only frequencies that matter are those that set us free! As you know, we’re not the “shut up and play the hits” kinda band and vibe, so we’d rather walk on the wire of playing a few new songs we barely know but navigate through those foggy valleys with you. It’s with such a spirit that we arrived at Café Central, under a beautiful blue sky and warm sun that this beautiful German region had to offer. 

As we were driving from Cologne to Weinheim yesterday early afternoon, we had a wonderful conversation about the fascinating word that “freedom” is to me. As I was looking at the beautiful German scenery listening to Alex’s playlist, I just had a quick flash of the first time Alex and I met. I was just coming back from a 10,000 km (6,215 miles) trip across Canada, looking to find myself, searching for a greater whatever as I couldn’t believe life was just about working, having kids, a dog, and a pool. So, I decided to hitchhike from Montreal to Vancouver and beyond, for about 6 months. It’s right when I came back from this crazy trip that Alex and I met, and our first conversation was about freedom, its meaning, its greatness, and how it has to be rooted deep down inside ourselves as it is what truly makes everything possible.

Having this conversation while driving yesterday truly gave this concert such depth, as we got on stage on fire and more than eager to give birth to something greater than our own selves…! Last night, even if we made a lot of risky decisions by playing songs we had just rehearsed before the doors opened, it was so worth it, since this is what music, art, and concerts are all about, at least for us… It’s not perfection, not only an epic performance, but a moment where all seems right, all seems real, all seems possible, and our souls and minds are walking hand in hand into something we all fully crave; freedom!!! 

This word will stick with me a lot throughout the summer, and if you want to share about it, in person or by answering this email, please be my guest, as this amazing word is still something we’re all working on figuring out on a daily basis! Life is so rich!!!

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 


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