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Process & Culture

Process & Culture


I hope you're doing great. I am very happy to discuss Alex's daily studio diaries for a second episode. And this week, I want to focus on 2 topics; process and culture.

We tend to talk and think about the what, where, when, and how, but for us, the why is what really matters. I think that once we figure out the why, the rest simply follows suit... And this aspect is vital to us, The Long Shadows. I hope you enjoy, my friends! 

Don't hesitate if you have any questions following Alex's diaries or this video, I'll also answer them at the beginning of every week!

See you again next Tuesday!

Let’s be great to one another! 
Your Host and Friend,




Alex's Diaries

➡ Audio clips from the studio
➡ The Beekeeper (not a keeper in my opinion)
➡ Sunday Off Like...
➡ The Fluxus movement & Jackson Pollock as a process
➡ The conversation we had after the Super Bowl (completely unrelated to the game)
➡ Alex's vision for The Long Shadows
➡ Alex's first day at the hospital
➡ Alex's second day at the hospital
➡ Bad news in the studio
➡ How Lite Brite inspired us (I also think that this entry is what represents Alex the most; talking about a deep, serious topic using humor. Alex at his finest, my friends!)


Previous Missives

➡ In which I talk about our deepest fear
➡ Studio Conversation Episode 1


PS: Told you Ben was now part of the Studio Conversations crew, right? Well, guess what my friends? We both dressed up for the occasion! :)

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