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“Standing Under Bright Lights” [CD + DVD]

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Released on April 16, 2021

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“Standing Under Bright Lights” is a live album, featuring the entirety of Alex Henry Foster’s first concert at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal on July 5, 2019. It includes the live rendition of every song from his album “Windows in the Sky”, performed by an 11-piece band.


- 2 CDs
- 1 DVD
- 4-page booklet
- Digital download link (audio & video) upon payment confirmation

Track Listing:

- The Son of Hannah (8:41)
- The Pain That Bonds (The Beginning Is the End) (8:49)
- Winter Is Coming In (11:19)
- Shadows of Our Evening Tides (19:25)
- The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) (21:18)

- Snowflakes in July (14:32)
- Summertime Departures (Sometimes I Dream) (12:55)
- Lavender Sky (6:25)
- The Love That Moves (The End Is Beginning) (8:27)

Additional Material
- Winter Is Coming In (Upper Room Studio Rehearsal) (14:25)
- Summertime Departures (Upper Room Studio Rehearsal) (14:08)

- Live From Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (2:05:01)
- Immersion Sky (A Visual Journey by Alex Henry Foster) (1:01:15)

About “Standing Under Bright Lights”
Standing Under Bright Lights takes place approximately 6 months after the release of Alex Henry Foster's phenomenal first solo album Windows in the Sky, that not only debuted at number 3 on the Canadian top 200, right behind Imagine Dragons and Muse, but that also stayed on the top 40 for a year after its initial release, scoring a nomination for best album of the year in Canada while being internationally acclaimed and added to several best albums shortlists all over the world.

The concert was to be a one-off happening, a homage to Foster's late father, who had died almost 5 years prior, almost to the day of the event. It would consist of the entire album Windows in the Sky, re-invented for the occasion as an 11-piece band set to perform along a movie projection produced by Foster. Also based on Foster's vision, award-winning light engineer Pascal Boily created a unique scenic installation, offering an immersive universe where music, movie projections, and light co-existed. Alex wanted for the public to be invited to dwell on the moment rather than have the sensation of attending a concert.

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