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Spice Age Adventures by Raj Ramayya [Digital Download]

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Official Release Date: August 18, 2023

Spice Age Adventures tells the tale of Ravi, an overly imaginative spicy food lover and nerdy musician med school drop-out who drives taxi to make a living whilst having narcotic-fueled dreams of being abducted by a green extraterrestrial girl with a silver mouth. On her planet, spice and music do not exist! Ravi writes her a love song beseeching her "take me to your planet." Is he dreaming, or is this really happening? Is he in love, or is this a fantasy? Will they make curry in outer space? Stay tuned.

Track Listing: 
1. Tantric Taxi Driver
2. Interstellar Brother of Man
3. Star Dust
4. Holy Cosmic Cow
5. The Girl Who Fell To Earth
6. Paparazzi Princess
7. Put The Spice Back Into My Life
8. A Simulated Dream
9. Two Dimensional
10. Stone Temples In The Sky

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