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"Windows in the Sky" [Double LP Vinyl]

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Released in November 2018

Full download of the album available upon payment confirmation. An email will be sent to you. Email us if you cannot find it.

“Windows in the Sky” is the first solo album by Alex Henry Foster. It is composed of 8 tracks. In all, you get 1 hour of music, mixing elements of post-rock, shoegaze, noise psych, all wrapped in an avant-garde voicing of spoken poetry.

Limited and collector edition clear vinyls with ocean green splatters

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

- 2 clear with ocean green splatters heavyweight LPs
- Signed and numbered limited edition
- 1 silkscreen hand-printed gatefold jacket
- 2 hand-printed silkscreen inner sleeves
- 2 exclusive inserts (11.5” x 11.5” (L x W))
- 1 digital download card
- Digital download link sent upon purchase
- Digital booklet with the lyrics

Track Listing:


- The Pain That Bonds (The Beginning Is the End) (5:01)
- Winter Is Coming In (7:45)

- Shadows of Our Evening Tides (7:43)
- The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) (14:37)

- Snowflakes in July (7:18)
- Summertime Departures (5:23)

- Lavender Sky (6:17)
- The Love That Moves (The End Is Beginning) (7:33)

About “Windows in the Sky”:
Written between Tangier and Montreal, “Windows in the Sky” has been crafted in a fragile state of emotional isolation following the passing of his father, a devoted believer to whom he was estranged, after a long battle with cancer. Foster explores the nature of faithlessness, sorrows and solitude while trying to find hopeful directions within the disorientation and the confusion brought about by grief.

In the likes of Radiohead, Swans, Mogwai and Nick Cave, AHF’s delicate and stormy musical journey embodies a singular mix of art rock, shoegaze, noise, psych and krautrock, and is defined by a blend of intimate voicing and introspective spoken poetry. It is an 8-track cinematic voyage that incarnates a distorted voice trying to make sense of its fading echoes, exuding the last pieces of its self-preservative make-believes, trying to hold onto the deceptive views of every shadowing ghosts reflections it is fighting to keep alive, in order to suppress the painful image of the person it might have become, freed from the distorted narrative it was bound to in order to avoid suffering any longer.

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