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“All the Violence in the World” Deluxe Bundle

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Size chart


Size Body Length Body Width
Small 63 cm / 25 inch 42 cm / 16 1/2 inch
Medium 66 cm / 26 inch 44 cm / 17 1/2 inch
Large 69 cm / 27 inch 48 cm / 19 inch
X-Large 71 cm / 28 inch 52 cm / 22 1/2 inch

Men / Unisex

Size Body Length Body Width
X-Small 69 cm / 27 inch 41 cm / 16 inch
Small 71 cm / 28 inch 46 cm / 18 inch
Medium 74 cm / 29 inch 51 cm / 20 inch
Large 76 cm / 30 inch 56 cm / 22 inch
X-Large 79 cm / 31 inch 61 cm / 24 inch
XX-Large 81 cm / 32 inch 66 cm /26 inch
XXX-Large 84 cm / 33 inch 71 cm / 28 inch

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

The LP features the unreleased song “All the Violence in the World”, performed live at Echo Mountain Studio, Alex Henry Foster’s house in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The song was then cut onto vinyl using the lathe-cut method. Signed and numbered edition of 150 copies.

    – 1 clear heavyweight silkscreen printed lathe cut 12” record
    – Signed and numbered limited edition of 150 copies
    – 1 t-shirt “Summer Swirl”
    – 1 slipmat “Moving Silhouettes”
    – 1 silkscreen-printed canvas “Specters in Bloom” (12” x 18”)
    – 1 silkscreen-printed poster (exclusive to the bundle. 12” x 12”)
    – 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
    – 1 digital download card

    Track Listing:
    1. All the Violence in the World (Live from Echo Mountain Studio, April 23, 2022)

    About “All the Violence in the World”:

    “Being united for human rights for all and every individual’s dignity
    does not only make a real difference in someone’s life,
    it is also a way to stand against all forms of tyranny,
    whatever it may be and wherever it may take place.”

    It’s always difficult for me to address human rights issues without being either too deeply involved emotionally or angrily reactionary. Having friends all over that beautifully welcoming and generously inviting region makes the horrors presently happening in Ukraine even more soul-wrecking for me. Like most of the people watching this unbearably perfidious human tragedy unfold, I just can’t fathom the violence and hatred of this barbaric invasion. As much as I am completely revolted by Putin’s tyranny over Ukrainian citizens, I’m also filled with a profound sense of compassion towards the general Russian population who is not only kept in total ignorance of the crimes being perpetrated on its neighbor, but who is the invisible victim of an implacably oppressive and immensely despotic regime. The images, like the powerless revulsion they carry, might be too heavy to look at, but they are the abomination and infamy of a world we have ignored for so long — for too long.

    A simple gesture, sometimes, is all it takes. That’s why I decided to invite you all in my studio for an up-close and personal type of intimate gathering. Along with the members of The Long Shadows, I am getting prepared for the tour and getting disposed to the invisible nature defining the streaming words and sounds floating all over, only to be felt through pure abandonment.

    - Alex

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