"High Noise" T-Shirt
"High Noise" T-Shirt
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Load image into Gallery viewer, "High Noise" T-Shirt

"High Noise" T-Shirt

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Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

- 1 T-shirt

- Prints on front and back
- 100% cotton

Crafted for the collection “Contemplation”
“Contemplation, for me, is the faith to see beyond the evidence of our own perceptions, which are filtered by everything we have experienced, who we are, and our emotional state. The album explores those filters that have immersed me into chaotic and dark places in my life, and the music navigates between my personal perspective and how often it meets friction against reality.

I wanted to express those two dimensions through the music. The light, the revelation, the relief, the torment, and the doubts. The foundation of this album is recorded live. It pushed me to develop the synchronization between the different instruments (synths, modular systems, the guitar and its effects) where, in a given space of time, everything is interconnected to give life to something greater than every element contributing to the sounds. Doing ambient/electronic music is a way to explore and express the passion I have for sound design and its perpetual evolution and motion. You cannot contain its movement nor control where it leads you!”

- Sef Lemelin


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