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"The Early Days" [Digital Download]

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Released in January 2020

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– The MP3, FLAC, WAV versions of the album “The Early Days - Evolving in Reversal Frames” by Your Favorite Enemies.

This project includes the complete collection of Your Favorite Enemies' early days. In total, 47 songs are spread across 4 different volumes.

Track Listing

“And If I Was To Die In The Morning…” Remixed - Remastered - Rarities
1. Open Your Eyes (3:50)
2. Midnight’s Crashing (3:37)
3. Little Sister (4:37)
4. Hold Me Tight (3:54)
5. Left Behind (4:18)
6. Maria (If It’s True, I’m Sorry) [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (3:28)
7. As We Were Before Dawn [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (3:22)
8. I’ll Catch You Someday [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (5:04)
9. Left Behind [Demo Sessions] (3:24)
10. Hold Me Tight [Live From Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany, September 29, 2007] (3:54)
11. Left Behind [Live From Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany, September 29, 2007] (5:23)

“Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye” Remixed - Remastered - Rarities
1. Open Your Eyes (3:36)
2. The Voice Inside (4:01)
3. Would You Believe (4:03)
4. I Might Be Wrong (3:38)
5. No Time Left for Confusion (3:53)
6. Sunset Blow (3:26)
7. Little Sister [Acoustic Version] (4:51)
8. Midnight’s Crashing [Acoustic Version] (4:39)
9. No Time Left for Confusion [Acoustic Version] (4:44)
10. Open Your Eyes [Acoustic Version] (4:44)
11. Ghosts of Times Passed By [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (5:41)
12. Before It All Turns Down on Me [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (2:27)
13. As If I Already Knew [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (4:59)
14. Would You Believe [Demo Sessions] (3:31)
15. Sunset Blow (Michelle’s Floor) [Demo Sessions] (3:58)
16. Open Your Eyes (Elliott Says) [Demo Sessions, Instrumental] (4:17)
17. Little Sister [Alternative Version] (5:13)

“Far Away But Home” Live From Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan, May 27, 2008
1. This Is It - The Beginning (1:00)
2. Whispering Morning View (2:23)
3. I Might Be Wrong (4:17)
4. Sunset Blow (4:26)
5. Midnight’s Crashing (3:49)
6. Little Sister (5:04)
7. Open Your Eyes (3:55)
8. Would You Believe (4:51)
9. The Voice Inside (4:57)

“And Just Like That, Everything Sounded Different” Live From Yesterday’s Future

Live from Funhill Festival, Beijing, China, August 27, 2011
1. I Might Be Wrong (This Is a Call Up) (9:20)
2. The Voice Inside (The Dreams We Share) (4:33)

Live from Le Théâtre Petit Champlain, Quebec, Canada, March 7, 2015
1. Would You Believe (For Every Time I Fell on my Knees) (6:51)
2. Midnight’s Crashing (To Leave Everything Behind) (16:29)
3. I Might Be Wrong (Laura, ferme les yeux) (8:43)
4. Little Sister (We’re Still Alive) (7:12)
5. Open Your Eyes (For Rejected Sons and Nobody’s Daughters) (7:10)

Live from Festival de la Poutine, Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, August 27, 2015
1. Midnight’s Crashing (Faith and Its Crumbling Walls)(8:42)
2. Would You Believe (I’ve Been Looking for More) (6:18)
3. Open Your Eyes (We All Need to Belong) (6:30)

About “The Early Days":
To mark the 15th anniversary of their very first rehearsal as what would become the original - and still unchanged - lineup of Your Favorite Enemies in the fall of 2005, the band decided to look back at what eventually brought them all over the world by remixing and remastering their first 2 EPs and adding newly discovered demos, writing sessions, and alternative versions of what has become YFE-fan-favorites. In total, 47 songs spread across 4 different albums.

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