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Lights Stretching Over Sorrows

Lights Stretching Over Sorrows

The tour “Lights Stretching Over Sorrows”, for which this poster has been designed, was the first time Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows got back on stage after the pandemic that has affected us all in so many different ways. After such uncertain times, light felt needed even more than it was before, and so was the deep human connection that can only be found in that state through live music.

“To commune with people is what moves me the most, to be able to find a common language, to establish a connection, to dwell on a pure uplift of joy, or to share profound sufferings. As long as it’s real, it gives a purpose to it all… And it is way beyond myself or my songs.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to go on tour with The Pineapple Thief, I just didn’t know if I was personally ready to go on the road. It’s always emotionally demanding for me to tour. As I said, the connection with the people is way deeper than the music itself and I need to be honest with myself regarding how far I am willing to go, how disposed I am to do so. And when Bruce took the time to share his vision of the tour with me, I not only felt secure, but like I had found a true friend in him and the rest of the band. That’s when it all made sense to me.

I’m quite honored to be part of a moment transcending musical genres and whatever scenes our bands might be associated with. The shows will be celebrations of life, and we need such cheerful moments now more than ever. At least, I know how much I need it myself!”


About the Design

The design is once again a collaboration between Alex Henry Foster & Joe Mruk (Red Buffalo Illustration). 

About the idea behind the illustration, Joe explains:

“The workhorse carries a lighthouse strapped to its back, reins dragging behind it, sort of seeking. The horse is persevering through the slog of a muddy river, and the lighthouse represents a beacon of hope or of way-finding.”

Entirely Made in The Fabrik

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