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Brighter as We Rise up Again

Brighter as We Rise up Again

Sometimes, the unexpected emergence of new vibrant sensations reveals some pieces of tomorrow’s foreseeing images, made of fragments of memories, of faded fractions of long-gone shivering emotions, all reflecting flashes of untainted words, of emancipated sounds awaiting to be, from which I can discern the shadowing motion of life’s rebirth as we slowly awaken from brokenhearted hopelessness…
Restored, revived, renewed.
Liberated, as we rise up again.
An everlasting dawn, radiating brighter as we blaze into now…

About the Design

The concept behind "Brighter As We Rise Up Again" came from Alex, and was illustrated by Joe Mruk. About the different elements that are part of the poster, Joe explains: 

The man’s head is an early typewriter and the woman’s is based on a recreation of a strange contraption made by John Murray Spear in the 1800s—two different forms of communication. The base is inspired by vintage sewing machines, as I thought they looked a bit like clockwork figures.


About the Artist

Joe Mruk
Red Buffalo Illustration

Joe Mruk has been working with Alex Henry Foster on the SFCC The Club design for 3 years in a row now. Alex explains more about his desire to collaborate with the Pittsburgh-based artist in this blog.

Entirely Made in The Fabrik

Welcome to Alex's creative atelier

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