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Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Deck

Have the Chance to Win a Custom Skateboard Deck

Winner: Angela James (UK)

How to Participate:

In order to be entered in the draw for this SFCC contest, you simply need to be a SFCC member with an active membership at the time of the draw. 

Not yet a member, but don't want to miss out on this opportunity? We understand you! You can become a member here. Make sure to do so before July 18, 2021, 8:00am (Eastern Time), as it will otherwise be too late! Please note that both membership levels offer a participation in the contest (and any subsequent ones as long as you're an active member).

Unsure about your membership status? Head to your account, or send us an email and we'll help you figure it out!


About the Contest:

This custom skateboard deck features the cover from Alex Henry Foster's album "Standing Under Bright Lights", and is one-of-a-kind. Literally. There's no other like this one, only one has been made in the entire world! And we offer you the opportunity to own it. If you skate, you may use it, but it also makes a rather fine piece of home decor, if you ask us! 

Why has Alex chosen this? As he grew up, Alex has always been drawn to the skateboarding culture, but most importantly, the community that surrounds it and how DIY has always seemed deeply ingrained in the culture. Community and DIY are two aspects that Alex holds very dear in everything he creates. Without you, the community, sharing music (or any other projects) would never have the same impact. Alex's art has always been very free and flowing, and with you - through you - even he, the creator, finds something new. As for DIY, we believe it isn't as much about "doing it yourself" in Alex's case, and more about "doing it the way you want to" (but DITWYWT isn't as catchy). Conventions, if there are such things, are guidelines meant to be broken and overcome, and through his art, this is what Alex aims to redefine, time after time.

Contest closes at 8:00am (Eastern Time) on July 18, 2021. 

Good luck!

- The HTR Store Team
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