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🫵 A good news for Alex is great news for us all!

🫵 A good news for Alex is great news for us all!


I hope you’re doing well! We’re already in June…! I just can’t believe it! It was so great to share a live moment with some of you last Saturday for the astonishing and very generous draw from Studio B! Alex Henry Foster in grand style! I need to share a funny thing with you, quick true story here:

I was ready to go live and Alex showed up in studio B like 20 minutes before showtime, and asked me what I was about to give away. “I’m giving away the print test vinyl?!” And of course, he followed by saying “That’s it?!? You should give away a piece of each item. People have been so amazing to me sharing so many gifts and messages of all kinds, don’t be shy to be generous and give some gifts away!” Typical Alex…! I should’ve seen this coming miles away...! 🧐

I truly enjoyed putting my hand in this huge and deep jar five times rather than a single time! If you missed it, you should check it out since maybe your name came out!

Alex arrived here at the HQ last Tuesday, as he had some very important appointments at the hospital on Wednesday, and he wanted to spend the following days writing personal postcards to all of you who generously purchased anything from The Pain That Bonds new vinyl and merch collection. Spending most of the day at the hospital last Wednesday was stressful, and seemed like a year went by before we could leave, but the great thing is Alex’s health is evolving well on every level, even though the healing process takes a little longer than expected. No need to tell you that the hour-long drive back home was way more joyful and talkative than the morning one! This feeling of leaving the hospital with great news is always more than welcome!!!

So, here I am! It’s Sunday morning as I’m putting those words down, since I didn’t find the time prior to this morning, between the hospital and putting all those amazing packages together, making sure they’ll be ready to be shipped this week for you to receive it as quickly as possible! I’m listening to The Oh Sees Live at Levitation while writing this missive as I’m on fire following what has been such a great last few days with Alex at the HQ, something that hasn’t happened since last fall. And to see Alex in such a glorious vibe all week long while he was writing those 200 letters to you all..! The best part of it all is to see him wanting to add as many gifts as he possibly can into your orders! I’ve never seen anything like it, and not even close to it.

He has notes over notes of everything he has already sent you as a gift, and he spends countless hours comparing it to what we still have in the warehouse, and to the maximum weight your package can reach before the price simply explodes to an insane level. But it’s so inspiring and beautiful to watch how much he likes to give without counting. To Alex, simply knowing he can make someone happy is all it takes to make him happy, such a true and pure joy, kid-like, it always makes us all speechless and feel like we all failed our what-truly-matters-in-life exam! 🫣

Following the title of this letter, it would be easy for me to say Alex was so generous following the great news the hospital gave him last week, but it’s not true. This truly is who Alex fundamentally is and how he acts towards the ones he deeply loves no matter the circumstances!

I know I was supposed to share about how this now-immortalized version of The Pain That Bonds came to life, but since the shipping setup was looking so great in our church-studio, I decided to share parts of what our week has been made of prior to leaving for London in order to ship the most of it all!

I’m leaving for London today with Alex as you’re reading this letter (or maybe I’m already there)! We had to come here to meet some people who will be crucial for what’s to come and Alex’s doctor said it was all right for him to go if he was being careful, which will be my main task and responsibility throughout the following days! Don’t worry, I was the one carrying the huge shipping bags and this includes Alex’s personal suitcase!

I’ll share parts of our journey with you on online! See you next Tuesday!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,

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