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A Real Celebration of What The Club and We Are All About...! ❤️

A Real Celebration of What The Club and We Are All About...! ❤️


I hope you’re doing great! What an exciting day for all of us in The Club today as we’re introducing the Winter Is Coming In packages! And from tomorrow, you will have all access to the entire new fall collection exclusively during 48 straight hours.

But, before heading into the amazing festivities that truly characterizes what The Club is all about, I wanted to take a few lines in this missive in order to thank you again for your more than welcoming and very thoughtful messages toward Alex following what he generously shared in his latest journal concerning his health condition. I would be lying not to mention how this comes as an unexpected and shocking surprise. No one is ever ready to receive this kind of news, especially when it comes to your health, but since this friendship and communion we share and build together truly means the world to us, it was important for Alex to let you all know about it. 

Following this news, Alex and I decided to modify our schedule and travel to a few significant places for us, such as Paris and Tokyo, and we’ll also have the privilege to visit Italy for the first time as we’ve been invited to a music conference called Linecheck. Since hospitalization will have to be involved at some point in the process, we simply decided to enjoy the last weeks of the year traveling and hanging out with friends! 

I will have the privilege to bring you with us during those trips and to share some great stories and anecdotes about why those cities are meaningful to us…! Thank you again since for us, there’s no comparable place like this one! 


So…! Starting in approximately 24 hours, Winter Is Coming In and the fall collection! 

If you’re new to the club or aren’t very familiar with how it works, it is as simple as it is exciting! You have until Friday, November 18, 10:00 am Eastern Time - which means you have a 48-hour exclusive pre-sale - before the items become available to everyone who isn't a member of the fan club.

Please note that there’s been a time change going back an hour last week in North America. Make sure of the time difference here.
Remember that every limited and collector silkscreened lathe-cut LP always sells out very quickly as we only print 175 copies, so make sure to get your copy before they're gone, as there will be no reprints in the future. Every copy is signed and numbered and is accompanied by a personal note from Alex! 

About the Winter Is Coming In Vinyl: 
• The song Winter Is Coming In (Live from the Upper Room Studio, May 1st, 2020) 
• 1 hand-printed Silkscreen heavyweight lathe cut 12” LP
• Unreleased version of Winter Is Coming In
• 175 copies only 
• Signed and numbered limited edition
• Made with the lathe-cut technique on heavyweight vinyl 
• Printed by hand on side B
• No reprints will be made 
• 6th of 8 releases in the Windows in the Sky series
• 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
• 1 digital download card

If you are looking for a little more, Alex decided to mark the occasion by offering you the option to add a t-shirt, printed canvas, poster and vinyl mat to accompany your collector-edition vinyl.


Alex is very proud to share his brand new fall collection exclusively with you all prior to its official release this Friday! He and I are inviting you to take a look and enjoy all the vivid colors and unique vibes of the items, all crafted and printed in the basement of our church-studio, a place we call The Fabrik. 

*Please note that every purchase will be shipped by Alex and I while we’ll be in Paris and in Tokyo for you to save on the useless import custom fees. We also both decided to hang out with anyone showing up either in Paris (details) and/or Tokyo (details)! 

Please, let me know if you have any questions regarding any of those releases! You just have to reply to this email! 

Truly looking forward to the next few days! This will be a lot of fun! :) 

Your Host and Friend, 
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