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Alex Is Inviting You to a Live Watching of His Montreal International Jazz Festival Concert!

Alex Is Inviting You to a Live Watching of His Montreal International Jazz Festival Concert!


I hope you’re well!

I’m currently sitting in the back of a car as we’re heading back north, back to the studio! It's crazy to realize that, as I’m looking outside the window where my mind gets lost watching a lightly but beautifully covered by snow America, 10 days ago we were raising our glasses to this very promising new year 2022! We really had a wonderful and inspiring time this year being all together during the holidays! The entire band, the whole label, all together for a few days in the mountains as I shared with you in my previous letter.

I’ll miss those wonderful days of really getting loose and enjoying ourselves through rich conversations, laughter, and celebrations! I realize even more how, when we’re all together and perfectly aligned, we’ll drop the same amount of passion and depth into those endless evenings where everything is always possible and where the impossible always happens, than into the work or music we do. It’s just a different form of art! :) I’m also especially realizing how very blessed and fortunate we are, since it has not always been that way between us all! I shared a lot about those years prior to the making of Windows in the Sky. If you haven’t read them all, I’m inviting you to do so, as we’re getting into a completely new season of our lives artistically through our friendships and entrepreneurship.

Alex and I really had the time of our lives during the last few months of 2021, and absolutely brought that with us as the Christian calendar got a year older. Every year, Alex gives me books to read, always about music, bands, art, or movements that changed the world. This is how I start my every day during those holidays, year after year, reading until noon and sometimes even later...! Then, we gather, him and I, right before dinner, and we pour ourselves a nice glass. As we sit down for an hour, we both talk about the book, and it grows within us, inspires us, makes us laugh, and above all, sets the tone for what’s ahead. I had the chance to read 4 books this time, an all-time record since it was usually only 2 or 3 in the previous years.

All Gates Open
The Story of Can

A Year with Swollen Appendices
Brian Eno's Diary

Becoming Elektra
The true story of Jac Holzman's visionary record label

Future Music from Germany

Live Watching of Alex's Very First Concert
Montreal International Jazz Festival 2019

As we were talking about all those inspiring people who walked before us, we thought of how great it would be for us to gather at least once a month through a live, interactive, never finished and rich & memorable moment! We thought it could be very cool to even start the year with a Live Watching of Alex’s very first concert played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in July 2019!

Since we made a lot of new friends last October as we toured Europe ahead of The Pineapple Thief, we got excited about the idea that we could all gather around this very important event which gave birth to way much more than a live concert, but an outstanding journey leading up to today! We wouldn’t be a band anymore if it wasn’t for this concert. Alex will of course be there with us all, and we’ll all chat live, share photos, ask and answer questions, and live this concert all together for the very first time...!

I also shared a lot last year about this amazing concert. Make sure to read my past letters if you haven’t already in order to truly understand why this concert is so meaningful and important to Alex and us all in The Long Shadows!

Here are the details! There will be 2 representations in hopes to cover every time zone there are in the world! Make sure to mark your calendar, since this event will be one of a kind and an outstanding way of kicking in 2022 together!



Saturday, January 29

・2 PM EST / 8 PM CET / 4 AM JP / 6 AM AEDT
・8 pm EST / 2 AM CET / 10 AM JP / 12 PM AEDT 


And knowing Alex... There might be some great announcements made during this event! You don’t want to miss that! Thanks for reading me, and hopefully, see you on January 29 for the live watching session!

Keep the faith!

Your Host and Friend,
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