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Alex's Vinyl Vault Is Back


I hope you’re doing well! A week has already passed since we were all gathered around Alex’s live presentation and chat of his concert at the Montreal International Jazz Festival! I’ve shared a few times about how much of a turning point this very first concert has been in Alex’s life and ours in The Long Shadows. Revisiting this unique cornerstone with you all, our friends who’ve been with us since Your Favorite Enemies or very recently, is always so rejuvenating and restorative for us. To walk through those songs with you, read your comments, compliments, and of course, your very thoughtful and insightful questions to Alex… This all means a lot. In case you weren’t with us last week, the video will stay on Alex’s YouTube channel for you to enjoy it as often as you want..!

I was on the phone with Alex during the entire duration of both representations, him being in Virginia, and myself up north near Montreal! It’s never an easy thing for him to go back to those emotions surrounding his father’s passing and to revisit how he felt prior to getting on stage, with those zillions of voices in his head reminding him how bad of an idea this concert is against a single voice saying how everything would be fine and that he was exactly at the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing. Especially after everything we have gone through as a whole to get there.

But the vibe has just been fantastic, inspiring, and it reminded us how much we miss being on the road and connecting with you all on such a powerful level. It was just so refreshing for me to hear Alex say things like “I have some ideas for more musicians to join us”, “we need more textures and colors in our sound for the tours to come.” I just love this bigger-than-nature side of him! Also, we revisited stories such as how the ending of the song Summertime Departures came to life just two days prior to the concert, and he commented over his own answer in the chat saying this is exactly what we need to get back to ASAP! Or how we started to work on The Son of Hannah during the last week of rehearsals! Do I need to remind you that this was the first time those songs were being played?! :) The stress and anxiety levels were Everest high!

I wanted to take this opportunity to simply thank you since those opened gates, channels, and doors through questions or comments always echo deeply in our hearts and minds, giving us the strength, the will, the wings to dig a little more, to fly a little higher. To be connected with you all on such a level is such a great gift for which we’ll always be grateful!



"The Son of Hannah is as much of a cathartic metaphor to my father’s tormented and distressed nature as it is a vibrant homage to a man who dedicated his life to emancipate himself from his inner demons, to find everlasting rest within, to make peace with his past and shortcomings while embracing an inevitable defeat to the implacable essence of cancer.
It’s an intimate reflection on personal struggles to keep faith alive in moments of great despair, an acknowledgment of our deepest need in times of hopelessness. But most of all, it’s the poignant testimony of a man’s redemption that led to his son’s forgiveness and untimely inspired him to find his own way of being free, whatever it may mean."
- Alex

As I shared with you a few days ago about this event, I also mentioned that Alex’s Vinyl Vault was back for the lathe-cut vinyl we did of The Son of Hannah! The time has now come for me to explain how this will work out, as it starts pretty soon!

What is very important to understand is that since we only have 18 copies left of those lathe-cut vinyls, we’ll do like we used to when we released all of Alex’s lathe-cut vinyls in the fall of 2020! For those of you who are new to this, it’s not a first come first serve concept, but a draw happening during the weekend following the release!

This is what I really like about Alex; there’s always some magic, fun, and depth added to what should usually be very simple and easy! It’s his way of mixing art, people, and commerce!



- Please make sure your account has been created within our online store: HERE

- The Son of Hannah vinyls will be available for 2 days in the Club for you to all get an even chance to buy it, starting February 9, at 10am (ET).

- There is a limit of 1 vinyl per person.

- If we sell every vinyl during those 2 days, I will go live on Alex’s YouTube Channel in order to publicly draw 18 lucky winners! (For those of you who are not on YouTube, we’ll broadcast this event on Alex’s website)

- If you purchased a vinyl during those 2 days, and your name doesn’t come out of the hat during the live draw, we will send you your money back right away.

- In the highly unlikely case that we do not sell every vinyl during those 2 days, everyone who purchased it will get it automatically.

- Once the vinyl is publicly accessible to everyone, it will be a first-come-first-serve system until sold out is reached.

- I will personally reach the winners via email following the live draw.

- Since those are the “safety” copies we kept in case something goes wrong during the shipping process, we won’t be able to replace your copy if anything happens. In that case, we will refund you. Let’s all hope everything will be alright.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above points, please, feel free to simply reply to this message and I’ll get back to you personally!



Again! Very important to note! For this hand-crafted lathe-cut limited-edition vinyl of The Son of Hannah, the pre-order will start & end at the following times:

February 9, at 10am ET, until February 11 9:59am ET on Alex's online store.

Can’t wait to share these soulful wonders in grand style with you!

Your Host and Friend,

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