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🔍 An Invitation to Follow Me into Alex’s Art, Jewels, and Memorabilia!

🔍 An Invitation to Follow Me into Alex’s Art, Jewels, and Memorabilia!


I hope you’re well! Alex and I are back from two weeks on the road, spent between London and New York! So many things happened during those; we attended the Download Festival and also went to see Blonde Redhead at Baby’s All Right! It was so great to see Alex enjoying parts of what those incredible cities have to offer and some amazing concerts amongst other inspiring things...! Especially for him, after spending months inside his home!

I know I told you I would do an interview with Alex about how these two last trips went last week, but today, Sunday, Alex went to bed and told me he wasn’t feeling at his best. We’ll have to do it another time, unfortunately…!

So, I decided to sneak into his shelves, dig a little, and share some stories about amazing discoveries I made! I thought it could be cool for you to have a closer look at what’s in there, and some stories behind those incredible books, records, souvenirs, gifts, and so on…!

Thank you so much for watching, and as I said, please, feel free to share what’s on your shelves with me! 🙂

Alex will be resting for the upcoming weeks! I’ll send more news to you next week!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,

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