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An Open Conversation about Alex’s new musical project! - Part 1

An Open Conversation about Alex’s new musical project! - Part 1


I hope you’re doing well! It’s currently Friday mid-afternoon and it’s a wonderful day, as it’s 9 degrees outside! Not bad at all for March 15 in Montreal, especially while playing Sonic Youth’s A Thousand Leaves quite loud in the office! 

Life has been so exciting on our end lately, which is not said lightly after such a long year! 

As I shared with you last week, our first studio stretch with our producer Mikko is already over, and it’s now time for us to bring you a little further into Alex’s new musical journey! Back in October 2023, as Alex traveled to Tokyo with Momoka, I had the chance to talk with him over Zoom about what was his up-and-coming musical project, and as a member of The Club, I wanted you to watch it before everyone else!!! 

I’m inviting you to watch it until the end because not only is this open conversation an absolute delight, but also because there might be something quite cool for you to enjoy. And of course, you have access to it before everyone else!!!

Such a huge blessing to dwell on a new musical journey with you! 


We will organize listening sessions taking place the week before the release to gather everyone and make this project a global and collective event. Let us know if you know a great place close to where you live so we can get in touch and ensure it happens.

And yes, it DOES also mean that you will be able to listen to the album before its official release! ;)


I really love this contest! Some of you are so close to the answer!!! I’ll share the truth about it in my Missive on April 2nd! Can’t wait!!!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,

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