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đź‘€Exclusively For You - A New Vinyl for Winter Is Coming In

đź‘€Exclusively For You - A New Vinyl for Winter Is Coming In


I hope you’re doing well! November 1st... What a great day to announce what I promised you last week! As we’ve been touring a lot last summer, we had the chance to meet so many new friends and new Secret Family Cult Club members who sadly weren't around when the pandemic got started... Since we were stuck inside when this started, we began our direct-to-vinyl series around some singles from Alex’s album Windows in the Sky! 

So many people asked Alex if he would finalize the entire 8-song collection we started but stopped after 5! Some people who already own them all really wanted to complete the entire collection, just like others who didn’t have any who wanted to at least put their hands on a few since we performed all of those songs live in the Upper Room studio, but haven’t released all of them! I have to admit, it was a fair point on both sides, and you are so good when it comes to asking that kind of questions, as they pretty much always resonate in Alex’s mind, and will 99.9% of the time materialize themselves not very long after! :)

Alex decided he’d split his studio time and writing-letters-to-you time in two parts, in order for both to evolve at the same time...! No need to tell you that we had a long conversation about this and, following his passion and arguments and how important you all are to him, it was a little hard, almost impossible for me to say otherwise! The "traveling for shipping" part was an easy one, though! Love this new international postmen job of ours now! :)

It’s with the same spirit as Alex and everyone who asked him about this amazing vinyl that I have the huge privilege to introduce this exclusively to you the first one of the last three or the sixth of all eight; Winter Is Coming In lathe-cut vinyl! 


This unique make of art vinyl will be the home to the version of Winter Is Coming In that we performed on May 1st, 2020, in the Upper Room studio in collaboration with Prog Magazine as we were launching Alex’s album Windows in the Sky, that you can watch and listen below. 
This vinyl will be available exclusively for SFCC members on November 16, 10am (Eastern Time) until November 18, 9:59am (Eastern Time) — a day prior to Alex’s birthday. It becomes available to everyone on a first-come-first-served basis on November 18, 10am (Eastern Time). I will share all the packages and other items with you in my weekly letter on Tuesday, November 15, in order for you to know and get ready in advance! 
We will print 175 of those beautiful vinyls and as always, they will be signed, numbered, and Alex will, of course, take countless hours to write a personal note to everyone who generously purchases one of those 175 exclusive units! There will be no reprints of those vinyls, so, it’s an amazing opportunity to put your hands on it! 
Your personal postmen will be in Paris at the end of November and in Tokyo in early December! We’re well aware of the customs fees that have recently been added to every imported vinyl, so this is why Alex and I will be traveling in order to ship those vinyls (and everything else you order) to you and skip those ridiculous taxes! This means no more fees for you on top of your orders — or at least very low ones! DIY to the core! :) 
You will have access to download this Live from the Upper Room version of Winter Is Coming In once the vinyls are sold out! :) This should come up quite quickly! Make sure to download all the previous projects if you haven’t already!
Thank you for your precious friendship as it clearly can move everything in our lives, and it truly means the world to Alex and myself! 

Next week, I’ll be sharing Alex’s insights on the song! Feel free to send me any questions you have in the meantime, especially if this is your very first experience! 

Hope life is great on your end! 

Your Host and Friend, 
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