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Here’s How Alex’s Collector Vinyls Are Made!

Here’s How Alex’s Collector Vinyls Are Made!


I hope you’re doing well! It’s been such an incredible last week, as I could really feel how we had all missed this connection around music, new vinyl, and meaningful design. But above it all, it was truly heartwarming to read Alex’s words after such a long time!

True Story: As I was just finishing this first paragraph above when Alex randomly called me! He wanted to share an idea he just had about him and me recording another Zoom conversation, like the one we did earlier this January, the evening right before he went into surgery! What an amazing idea!!!!

I love those conversations because they give birth to so many unpredictable topics and moments that are so rich. Even I always need a few minutes afterwards, just to make sure I truly grasped all of what has been shared and discussed! It is never an easy thing to chase what’s true, what’s real, the precise now, and where we’re at in our lives, but there’s so much freedom coming from it and this is always what those moments are about! We should film this conversation later this week! I’ll let you know from our The Club's Instagram account.

It’s 12pm now, and Tindersticks’ Distractions is still playing, which I chose without knowing I’d be a little distracted from my original planning all morning! But I can’t complain right now, since life is so rich, loaded with magic and wonders, and it’s now time to dig a little deeper into this amazing The Pain That Bonds collector vinyl!

I decided to give you a quick tour of what we call The Fabrik as the team was cracking the making of this amazing work of art! I made a short video for you to discover a never-before-well-kept secret! 🤟😎



Here are a few details for those who just joined The Club as I’m sure you have loads of questions regarding this amazing and unexpected release!

This unique make-of-art vinyl will be the home of the song The Pain That Bonds (The Beginning Is the End) we performed on May 1st, 2020, in the Upper Room studio in collaboration with Prog Magazine as we were launching Alex’s first album, Windows in the Sky! We were supposed to headline a European and UK tour that summer, which only happened last summer, and we’ve been playing that version of the song every night on that tour!

This vinyl will be available exclusively for The Club members on May 24, from 10 am Eastern Time until 9:59 am Eastern Time on Friday, May 26, when it will become available for everyone (if not sold out already). The LP will also be accompanied by several merch items and in different bundles. I will share every package with you in my weekly letter on Tuesday, May 23, so you can get ready in advance!

We will print 200 of those beautiful vinyls and as always, they will be signed, numbered, and Alex will, of course, spend countless hours writing a personal note to everyone who generously purchases one of those 200 exclusive units! There will be no reprints of those vinyls, so it’s an amazing opportunity to put your hands on it!

Your personal postmen will be back in London at the beginning of June! We’re well aware of the customs fees recently added to every imported vinyl, so this is why Alex and I will be traveling in order to ship those vinyls (or anything else) to you and skip those ridiculous taxes! This means no more, or at least, very low fees for you on top of your order! DIY to the core! :)

You will have access to download this Live from the Upper Room version of The Pain That Bonds once the vinyls are sold out! :) This should come up quite quickly!!!! Make sure to download all the previous projects if you haven’t already!

Thank you for your precious friendship as it clearly can move everything in our lives, and it truly means the world to Alex and myself!

Next week, I’ll be sharing Alex’s insights on the song! Feel free to send me any questions you have in the meantime, especially if this is your very first experience!

Hope life is great on your end! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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