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🚨 Hey!!!! I Need Your Help to Immortalize Something Very Important!

🚨 Hey!!!! I Need Your Help to Immortalize Something Very Important!


I hope you’re doing well as the 2022 summertime is slowly fading away, leaving behind, I hope, unforgettable memories, just like it left me! I had the chance to spend the past few days at Alex’s home down in Virginia as we wanted to go through a few things before heading to Hamburg and then back in Virginia to work on Alex’s new musical project this October. We spent countless hours planning the next year or so through the different projects we want to do; tours, albums, themes Alex wants to talk about, emotions we’d like to dig in… We’ve been so moved and inspired all summer long!

We both felt some kind of an emergency to get back into our projects since this vibe and spirit we encountered during the summer is kind of pushing us to get back together quickly, before it also slowly fades away into autumn. 

One afternoon, we were joined by Stephanie, longtime dear friend and photographer who’s always been following us around the world since 2007 during the Your Favorite Enemies era, accompanied by Miss Isabel, as they both also wanted to enjoy some of that Virginian late summer vibes before we all transition into fall, a time where we’re all going to be very busy and working hard. On that specific afternoon, an amazing project came to life, and this is what I wanted to share with you today! 

Alex and Stephanie have both been discussing a lot about immortalizing the past tour “Not All Wonders Have Been Lost” by putting together a nice photo book with loads of amazing pictures, of course from the stage, but also from the road, the hotels, the sound checks, the after-show moments where Alex joined you at the merch booth. But also, something we all thought was such a great idea is that we’d love for you to join and be an active part of this project by sending us your pictures, your comments, your vibe, your personal angle and the spirit of what this tour has been for you! 

We want this book to truly expose what this tour has been for us. As I’ve been sharing with you in the latest letter, we highly cherish this connection being the heart and soul of it all, the true wonders making everything much brighter as we rise up again…! 

I’m inviting you to send anything you’d like to send us, whether it’s a photograph, a short text, or both. We’d like to collect it all and add some of it to the upcoming book! Alex truly wants this book to not only reflect this very inspiring and unique spirit but to immortalize it! This project will be ongoing until October 15, as we’d like to release the book as early as possible…! 

Please, send me your amazing pictures and comments by answering this email and I’ll make sure Stephanie and Alex get those wonders of yours! We’re truly thrilled and excited to see what you have to share as I’m sure this will bring this project above and beyond all our expectations!



On the last evening before going back to Montreal, at around 7pm in the evening, Alex decided to bring the already astonishing week we just had to another level by commemorating what has been such a succession of moments of awe around his personal Single Cask signature whisky. This is a side of Alex, even after 20 years of friendship, that still catches me off guard as he always finds a way — his way — to bring things to another level, which always makes them unforgettable. 

I had the honor and privilege to make the toast: 

“May every idea, no matter how crazy or impossible or both we might have - May it not only materialize itself into amazing projects, but may they all outlive us and outshine us for generations to come...! Cheers!”

This very particular moment in time was followed by an hour-long conversation about how exhilarating and full of promises this last stretch of the year already is…! 

Let me know if you have any questions! Take good care! 

Your Friend and Host, 

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