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I Interviewed Alex Henry Foster after the Lavender Sky Live Performance

I Interviewed Alex Henry Foster after the Lavender Sky Live Performance

I hope you enjoyed the live broadcast concert we shared from our church-studio as much as we did.

The vibe between us all was quite unique, intense, passionate, reverent, and hopeful, knowing that something greater than us all had happened. We could feel just how impacting of a moment it had been for us, in a very inspiring way! It will resonate within us for a very long time.

A moment like the one we all shared is especially significant for us to commune as we are all involved in a world looking to redefine itself, to establish a new collective identity, a better self with higher standards of community, of humanity, of peace and hope! It may sound ambitious, almost utopian, but it's during times like these that we need this the most.

That’s why I feel like the world as we knew it should never be the same and why we need to dream it all over again. But making it as we envision it requires everyone's involvement.

Changes have never been easy to establish, but the transformation we are now looking for implies a global engagement made of everyday personal commitments towards the creation of a better world for everyone.

In fact, when asked why it was important for him to support the Orange Blossom Special Festival by streaming a live performance with his band on the festival's social platforms, Alex's answer truly reflected what the band has been about for years:

“My decision to share a live moment on the OBS Festival was to honor all the people who take upon themselves to offer a place for whoever wants or needs to gather in a communal environment where everyone is welcome, whatever they might be, wherever they might come from, whatever they might believe in or whatever they might stand for.

A true community is open and non-judgemental, and such a gift of hospitality is rare and precious. It is human by nature and generous in compassion and care. And having the blessing to be part of a beautifully diversified community ourselves, it was a privilege for us to rumblingly encourage others to become the voice we all can be, in the magnificence of our uniqueness… That is why.”

Therefore, for those of you who recently joined our community fan club, that sense of togetherness Alex has been talking about has always been the driving force of our creative universe, bridging people, celebrating differences and inviting everyone into defining a new common language. This is the very foundation of the club.

This is why we are very grateful to be able to gather in an ever-evolving community of our own, even digitally, this connection transcends distance.

Many of you emailed me since we started to message each other a few weeks ago, and there was a question for Alex that kept coming back from you. So I decided to ask him, a few minutes after this whole Lavender Sky event ended!

So in premiere, live from the Upper Room Studio, here’s Alex’s answer for you my dear friend.

So don’t hesitate to send me questions if you have some!

Your host and friend
- Jeff

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