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Important details about the SFCC packages and community

Important details about the SFCC packages and community

I hope you are all safe and doing good,

I have received some messages enquiring about the SFCC packages, especially the Old School one, the new and upcoming SFCC platform, and how to use your 15% or 25% discount coupon depending on which school you’re part of, so I wanted to give you some insights and updates.

I thought it was important for me to explain how the Secret Club works, especially this year, being such a particular one - as you all well know - and how it’s been a nice challenge for us to organize everything to facilitate and enhance your experience as a member!

We’ve always taken great pride in offering the best possible connection with everyone, may it be through exclusive moments, exclusive content, membership packages and surprises such as offering you Alex Henry Foster's EPs as gifts… So trust me, the pandemic time won’t change any of that, even though I have to admit that it’s been an interesting challenge so far… But with every challenge comes a greater sense of personal accomplishment… Right!?! ;)


In fact, when the pandemic became a terrifying reality in Montreal, which at one point was one of the worst cities in the world in terms of victims and still amongst the most challenging places to be in at this point, we faced the collapse of our public postal services, forcing the governmental authorities to urge us all to avoid using it. We saw all local manufacturers and small entrepreneurs we were used to collaborate with either close for a time or go bankrupt. These were some of the horrific consequences of this crisis, here just like pretty much everywhere else in the world. Dedication and resilience became the key elements with which we would ultimately deal with those challenges.

That’s why, since almost everything we give life to and share with you are handmade, collector, limited and DIY elements, we had to find a solution to avoid packages being lost, damaged, stuck “somewhere” or endlessly waiting to arrive your way. So, came the idea to send one of our team members to the United States to use their private couriers, which were still up and running. So you can imagine how complicated that has been, as well as all the logistics we needed to deal around it. Again, dedication and resilience are the key elements.

As for the other details, since we are a completely independent group supporting other local businesses and actively involved in our city's economic system, we are now awaiting the proper silkscreen paper before starting one of the featured components of your exclusive Old School package - which shouldn't be too long at this point! Even though it is presently difficult to precisely envision a production calendar, at least I can tell you how happy I believe you will be when you’ll receive your package.

Also, you’ll see the implementation of a new store featuring more exclusive content for you and a community-exclusive type of blog section that will be dedicated to the SFCC members as well. The idea for us was to establish a platform that would facilitate the integration of our exclusive content, so we are very excited about that, as we’ve been working on that project for a while. I’m confident you’ll like it, especially that it will be much easier to make sure you don't miss what’s happening within the AHF world. Alex got back into writing and we, The Long Shadows, got ready for the band’s upcoming creative sessions. I can’t wait to bring you with with me as we go through this very intimate process! Who knows, you may hear and see things before everybody else does… ;)

This “Secret Family Cult Club” has been built based on our community values and our desire to bridge people from every nation, culture, language, social class, generation and life's background through music, art and life! That’s not only our collective ethos, it is how we have decided to live our lives and define our creative adventure.

Again, I want to thank you for your trust and patience, but most importantly for sharing that incredible journey of life with us… not only the members of the band, but everyone at the label, and of course myself.


Alex comes up with a new theme every year, which gives the tone and the soul to the packages, the moments, and most importantly, what our projects will be inspired by. As Long as the Heart! I really love this theme! I think it fits our actual changing world and realities where humanity and empathy are more than ever necessary.

As Alex told me regarding his SFCC vision for the present year:

“Since 2020 marks a renaissance of sorts for me, after drifting for quite some time, it’s important for me that our club incarnates that cheerful gratefulness that I experience now in the simplest of all possible ways. I believe we all need to get back to the essence of togetherness as our human nature fundamentally longs for, more so now than ever.

And in all the splendors of our differences, in all the magnificence of what guides us to open up to one another, if only a little and for a brief instant. At least, that’s my engagement towards everyone and my invitation to anyone who wants to join me and to add a new color to the bright lights coming in. I also believe this goes perfectly well with this year’s theme, “As Long as the Heart…”, which is for us all to define…”



I’ll have the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Alex this week at his Virginia home to discuss what he may be envisioning and desiring to do next, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal concert, a storybook about Windows in the Sky, as much as how he perceives any potential 2021 projects. I will, of course, let you know how our conversations went... and will give you some glimpses of what’s coming up as well!

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message, that connection with you is the reason Alex and I started the SFCC in the first place!

Be safe and hopeful!

Your friend and club host, Jeff

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