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It Was Time to Ask Alex a Few Important Questions + Details About the Next Lathe-Cut Vinyl Release

It Was Time to Ask Alex a Few Important Questions + Details About the Next Lathe-Cut Vinyl Release


I hope you’re doing well! It’s Sunday morning and I’m back in Virginia for only a very few days before going back to Montreal with the rest of The Long Shadows, as we’re embarking on a new creative journey. Exciting times ahead!

As you now know, I usually write down these letters to you on Friday or Saturday morning, but this week was a little different… Alex and I came back from New York City yesterday around midday, and a few friends were impatiently waiting for us! We spent the entire day around a generous feast and exotic drinks (excluding Alex), sharing about this incredible journey! I can’t tell you how incredible it was to witness Alex slowly walking in the streets of one of my favorite cities in the world!

I’m now back in this same office that I shared a photo of last week, again under some lovely Virginian rain, listening to Nick Drake at low volume as I like the mix of his vocals and guitar with the rain and the birds in the background. It changes from the horns and the vibrant vibe of the city that never sleeps!

I know how much you enjoyed the past few weeks as I took some time to answer some of your questions, but I thought it would be even better if Alex himself could walk us through parts of where he’s at now! So I sent him a few questions and as he’s really tired today, after walking a little more in a few days than he did in a few months, I don’t know when those answers will come in. I nonetheless wanted us to keep our Tuesday’s Club Missive rendezvous, which is so significant for me now.

Here are the questions I sent to Alex!

1. Many people know that I’m not always sharing exactly where you’re at in your healing process. Could you please let us all know how you’re really doing?

2. I’ve been sharing small bits on how it’s been really hard for you to cancel this year’s festivals and headline tour. Could you walk us through this intense decision process?

3. You shared in your last journal that you would visit New York City. Can you share why this trip and why now?

4. You also shared this sentence: “There’s a significant redesign and restructure I want my artistic adventure to go through from here on out, and there’s no better opportunity for me to establish that new foundation than during my recovery.” Can you explain this a little more, please?

5. We just stepped toes into the month of May already. What will this month be like for you?


I really can’t wait to share his answers with you! Always feel free to send me any questions you might have, as this connection is what Alex and I value the most!

As you’re reading this, I am on my way back to Montreal, driving 14 hours towards the North, where so many new creative territories await us. You’ll know more about this in the upcoming weeks!  

Let’s be great to one another!  

Your Host and Friend,

PS: Below is something that you will not want to miss!



All the details will come soon, but I wanted you to be the first to know (and see) about this next lathe-cut vinyl for the song The Pain That Bonds.

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