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Just a quick reminder and some cool updates from Alex and I!

Just a quick reminder and some cool updates from Alex and I!


I hope you’re doing well!

I was truly stoked to read all of your emails following the latest Cult Missive I sent you, in which I shared about the last tour and Alex and I being at our annual leave location, the same for the past decade. I’m always very blessed and fortunate to share parts of what we do and talk about as we spend a lot of time together, envisioning and challenging ourselves to not only put up the best possible planning on paper for 2022, but to make sure we’re always very well aligned with the reasons why we do all this, and why we’ve been doing this since 2006…!

This is the most important part for Alex and me: making sure we’re both aligned and on the same heartbeat, which hasn’t always been the case...! This can complicate things sometimes, as you can imagine!

The past few days spent here together have been the best ones so far since we started doing those retreat meetings back in 2010. Never before have we been not only perfectly aligned, but really eager to reach new heights, to reach new horizons, and discover the extent of what we can accomplish and create together, and this, on every possible level - artistic as well as entrepreneurial. We both talked about the SFCC upcoming theme, about the new musical project we’d love to release in 2022, we also talked about other music-related projects we’d love to bring to light next year, and of course, touring, touring, and more touring if this crazy world allows us to do such thing!

I will stop here for now, since the ultimate goal of this cult missive was to remind you that starting this Saturday, December 4, at 10am ET, we’ll be releasing those 14 amazing and very unique white boxsets exclusively for you, SFCC members!


I thought it could be great to share how those vinyls are brought to life in a very homemade and DIY fashion! There’s an immeasurable amount of love and labor to these, countless hours of passion, hoping to reach perfection in every possible groove and printing during this quite long arts and crafts process. This is our signature and the testimony of how we take our relationship seriously. As Alex and I always talk about, the goal is always to offer each other the very best versions of ourselves!


These amazing boxsets will go on sale exclusively for you, the SFCC members, starting this Saturday, December 4, at 10am Eastern Time, for 48 hours!

There are only 14 boxsets available, so please make sure to be there early! It’s a first-come-first-served principle, so, no contest this time contrary to what we did in the past.

The “Standing Under Bright Lights” special lathe cut white box set includes:

- 3 clear lathe-cut LPs with their center labels silkscreen printed
- Signed and numbered limited edition of 14, numbered I to XIV
- 3 hand-printed silkscreen jackets
- 3 hand-printed silkscreen inner sleeves
- 3 silkscreen posters (size 12” x 12” (W x L))
- 1 handcrafted lyrics notebook
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen slipmat
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen canvas
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen box
- 3 buttons
- 1 digital download card

The Son of Hannah Single
- 1 clear lathe-cut LP with one side silkscreen printed.
- Signed and numbered limited edition of 200
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
- 1 digital download card

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing and unique journey with us! Love mending hope!!! :)

Take good care!

Your Host and Friend,

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