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Some Answers to Your Questions Regarding Alex & A Few Rumors!

Some Answers to Your Questions Regarding Alex & A Few Rumors!


I hope you’re doing well! I’m still in Virginia at Alex’s home where I had the chance to spend such a great week, filled with great conversations, unforgettable moments around delightful meals and vinyls, some reading as I started to dive into Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, some movies, TV shows and something I haven’t done since the year started: some rest! I usually don’t like to sleep much, but this house, this home, forces you, in its own way, with its vibe and spirit, to take a step back and enjoy long moments of serenity and peace! I really love it here, and understand why Alex chose this house and made it his in the first place! 

As you’re reading this, Alex already shared with you what has been one of the hardest decisions he had to take in a long while about this summer festival tour we had scheduled. Alex’s recovery isn’t only physical, especially when it comes to taking such difficult decisions; it brings different emotions, a mixture of sadness and frustrations blended with this strange and new reality of his, powerless but forced into something he strongly wished would last a few weeks but that is now turning into a few months. 

This all seems like the evident thing to do, which it is, of course, but Alex hasn’t been wired that simply, especially when it is about his music, his people, and his friends. These decisions come with a price, which is also why I’m very blessed to be here, as we can navigate through those troubled waters together. 

It’s Saturday morning around 11 o'clock and for the first time this year, I wasn’t sure what to write about, as great news comes in quite slowly! I then started to read your emails answering last week’s Club Missive and realized some questions about Alex kept coming back, so I decided I would dedicate this message to answering and giving you some more news and updates about what Alex is doing during this healing season of his life.

Special thanks to the Cosmic Jokers for soundtracking this very first “I answer your questions about Alex” session! The Galactic Supermarket album is a pure delight and no drug is needed for this unique musical journey to reach your soul! 


Q1: Hey Jeff - How is Alex doing, not only physically? 

That question came often since we first shared about Alex’s heart surgery in February, and I always hesitated before answering it, in all honesty. The first few weeks following his surgery were quite a challenge on so many levels. I’ve been down here in Virginia since April 6, so, let’s start from that moment onward.

I’ve known Alex for twenty years now, and I can tell you that he’s not in full shape yet, but Alex is a true fighter and a survivor. I can see him putting all his efforts into staying positive, hopeful, and joyful, even though every little thing he loves doing can be complicated. As he shared with you, it’s hard for him to read, to write, and staying focused for more than an hour on something is quite demanding because his body is dedicated to healing… He’s taking loads of medications from morning to night, so, at least for now, nothing is that simple and every day is different.

I can also add that we like to sit down outside and talk for hours about so many different things; what’s going on in the world politically, socially, and artistically. I always highly value those moments, now more than ever, as while I was traveling, this is what I missed the most! 

Through those moments, I heard Alex laugh to tears sometimes. You need to understand that we both like to create insane stories around a true story. We can spend hours just creating crazy scenarios of all kinds and these are always very funny moments. We call those stories “Big Fish stories”, like the Tim Burton 2004 movie which literally changed Alex’s and my life! 

But, I heard him talking about different projects he’d like to do, and the rumor is he’d like to release the two missing lathe-cut vinyls for the songs The Pain That Bonds and The Love That Moves sooner than later.

He also mentioned – or at least I think I heard him say – that he’d like to release new music starting this fall! He’d like to release the songs we recorded during the All The Violence in the World sessions last year. But maybe I dreamed of it… I’m not sure! 😜 

These are great signs, especially following the hard decision process he just went through that led to canceling this summer’s festivals. So, I guess he’s doing a little better every day, but it’s still a process.

Q2: Hey Jeff - Is Alex working on something these days? 

Alex is always working on something! Even on a hospital bed where he can’t move, he’ll gather all his energy on thinking about new projects! This is how Alex is wired! The first time we spoke over the phone following his surgery while I was in Tangier, he told me about new ideas he had for the band…! I couldn’t believe it even if it wasn’t that surprising in the end!  

But right now, Alex is working very hard on healing and keeping his mind aligned between mental sanity and greatness! When he has some more energy, usually during the afternoon, he keeps on writing a book about last year’s European tour. This project will be very special as he revisits pretty much every concert, sharing loads of incredible stories even I wasn’t aware of! 

He’s very faithful and I can see how meaningful and very close to his heart this book project is. Alex is the kind of person that will spend countless hours on a project that is dear to him, so it sometimes frustrates him not to be able to spend more time working on it for lack of energy, but while he’s doing it is when he’s most happy! 

Q3: Hey Jeff - Can Alex sing? 

No. He unfortunately can’t, amongst many other things he still can’t do. He can’t walk too much, he can’t climb too many stairs still, he can’t grab something heavier than 10 pounds, he can’t drink alcohol and he can’t drive a car… Thank God the baseball season has started! This is a great cure for the mind! Go San Francisco Giants!

I will stop here this week and will answer more during the upcoming letters! Please, feel free to send me more questions by answering this email! I’ll be delighted to answer you! 

Thanks so much for reading this and for your incredible support for Alex and us all! I wish you an incredible week! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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