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The End Is Beginning - Happy 2024! Even if…

The End Is Beginning - Happy 2024! Even if…


I hope you’re doing well! So glad to be back here, in front of my Google doc on this snowy Monday morning as I got back in La Belle Province last night, at around midnight, after what has been such an uphill and downhill month down in Virginia. 2023 being faithful to itself until the very end…! I’ve never been that happy to scream a countdown as this past New Year’s eve! Wilco’s latest album Cousin is my current soundtrack, a great way to start the new chapter of this incredible journey, as the year is only getting started. 

It’s been a little strange for me to not shoot those short videos for a few days now, as I truly enjoyed bringing you with me around what is always a little more than a song, an album, or even an artist! Pretty much every day, since I started that advent calendar, those short videos were like conversational sparks between each other within the band and beyond as I was receiving emails, texts, and your precious messages on the app! How rich and meaningful those connections are for me and of course for Alex too! I’m so thankful to you all, and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to do this again as this year goes by!

You can watch all the videos on the app, which you can download here

As you know, 2023 has been a very long and hard year for Alex and us all in The Long Shadows, until the very end of it. Those past holidays have been a little different than usual – quieter, and more humble than what we’re used to. There was no sunrise toast on January 1st, no partying all night until the sun comes up behind those wonderful Highland Mountains surrounding Alex’s home, where we gather around champagne and make a toast proclaiming what we want to see happening over the coming year, as we usually always do. I’ll share more about this during the upcoming weeks. 

Even if 2023 has been one of those years where tears and laughter were constantly fighting each other on a daily basis. Even if some scars need more time than others to heal, that some simply won’t ever and will always maintain their sensitivity reminding you of their existence. Even if this is true and that 2024 starts where 2023 left us, I want to wish you and us all the best year ever on every possible level. 

May we reach out to our craziest dreams without any fears! I wish us all daily deep laughs and unforgettable moments with the people we love and care the most about! Let’s aim for the stars in everything we are and want to achieve…! Greatness is not a destination but a long journey where integrity, resilience, and compassion are at its always-evolving core, and this is what I pray that 2024 will bring us towards a little more, step by step!

As we ended 2023 around Alex’s song The Love That Moves (The End is Beginning), I simply want to start 2024 with these powerful words written on my heart: 
The end is beginning and I’m no longer afraid to make it mine
To let my spirit flow, my heartfelt soul transform and molt
To keep my eyes in bloom, to look at you in all wonders
The end is beginning and I’m no longer afraid to make it mine
To keep my eyes in bloom
The end is beginning

The love that moves, forgives and heals
Through shadows of time, ghosts of past sufferings
I will conquer darkness and make it shine
I will conquer darkness and make it shine
The end is beginning

- Alex Henry Foster 
Happy New Year 2024!!! Thank you for the wonderful gifts you so generously sent me and us all! Those brought so much joy as what we share and build all together truly is what means the most to us! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and friend, 
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