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🔊 Welcome to our Church-Studio!

🔊 Welcome to our Church-Studio!


I hope you’re doing well! It’s currently Sunday afternoon and while I’m listening to the album Everything Is Alive by Slowdive, I have this huge smile on my face as I’m thinking about how great and memorable last night has been, as we all gathered at the HQ in order to celebrate Alex’s heart surgery anniversary! It’s been a memorable mixture of emotional souvenirs around how painful and stressful this very same day last year has been and loudly proclaiming what we want to see happening for the upcoming days, weeks, and months now that we’re all gathered again for the recording of Alex’s next album.

As I shared with you last week, I wasn’t sure how things would go following Alex’s arrival at the HQ, which in the end, was above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. We, The Long Shadows, surprised him by literally revamping the whole place, by doing a complete makeover of our recording and rehearsing spaces and what we call our green room. It’s now a Middle Ages meets Renaissance kind of vibe, bringing life to the same old walls, but sharing a completely different spirit, and this is what we all wanted to dwell on before we hit the recording button. 

We wanted this new season, following an entire year of recovery for Alex, to not only be a “new season” by definition, but to be a new era, a new book, something we never lived, shared, or dared build before. Not only will we accomplish great things musically and artistically throughout the upcoming weeks, but we’ll especially and more certainly bring our relationships, our friendships, and our fellowship a lot further by freeing ourselves from our deepest fears and, by doing so, allow everyone around us to do the same.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. The time has now come for us to pursue this light, and to make sure it shines. Even if it’s only a candle or just a match sometimes, it will be a win over darkness. 

Ben, The Long Shadows’ guitar and drums player, as well as Alex’s main songwriting partner, bought an amazing bottle of scotch whisky for us to share following the unveiling of our new Church-Studio but mainly for us to declare, proclaim, and powerfully seal this new season of our lives with empowering words, which will resonate during our darkest hours, ensuring we’re all navigating toward this new horizon of ours as storms and troubled waters will try to bring us back to the shore, or worst, to break down what holds us together entirely. 

The toast went like this: To everything made anew! 

Aligned with this powerful toast, since this journey wouldn’t be the same without you all involved and close to us, I decided I would share weekly news and updates with you in our weekly Club Missives, but also, I will be adding exclusive pictures and short videos in The Club app! Make sure you have it! 
When it comes down to recording a new album for us all and especially Alex, it’s more than a journey. It's closer to an expedition or even a pilgrimage toward our deepest selves, and for us, especially now after everything we’ve been building and sharing over the past few years, there was no way we would travel down that road without you. I’m not completely sure yet how this will materialize itself technically, but I think it doesn’t matter for now, so, let’s define this all together...!
So, for now, I have the huge privilege to welcome you into what our new Church-Studio working place looks like, and we’ll go deeper into the details as the weeks go by!

I already can’t wait for next week! 
Let’s be great to one another! 
Your Host and Friend,

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