”Hope for Morocco”: Help the relief efforts after the September 8th, 2023 earthquake in Morocco.

"Hope for Morocco" One-Time Donation

"Hope for Morocco" One-Time Donation

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All the profits will go to the following organizations:
Moroccan Red Cross
High Atlas Foundation
Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank)

Want to also send a message of support to people in Morocco? Write it in the “Special instructions for seller” at checkout.

 A t-shirt is also available here.


About the “Hope for Morocco” Campaign:

Standing With Our Moroccan Friends
Contributing To Humanitarian Basic Needs

As most of you already know, Morocco has been a highly significant place for me ever since I first set foot in Tangier back in the summer of 2016. It's a place where I found comfort for my grieving heart and healing for several of my emotional wounds through its people's benevolence and kindness. This human connection led me to establish myself in the community in 2019 and later acquire the boutique hotel La Maison de Tanger in 2021. In many ways, Morocco has been the birthplace of several of my recent creative projects, but more importantly, it is the inspiration that will forever stand as the living spark that ultimately revived a personal fire that had been extinguished for quite a long time before I saw its hopeful nature blaze again, giving life to a flame that eventually restored the blessing that it is for me to commune the vivid colors of art and soul with you all, my precious friends.

While Tangier had the utmost fortune to avoid the earthquake that recently took away the lives of 3,000 people and left over 5,500 others injured(1), most of them losing their homes, possessions, and livelihood in a few seconds on the night of September 8, 2023, I’ve been completely devastated by the news and determined to tangibly contribute to the relief efforts, even though my physical condition prevents me from going over there in person.

This is why I decided, along with the members of The Long Shadows and with the support of my label’s team, to join the relief efforts by designing a t-shirt, the profits of which will be divided between the Moroccan Red Cross, the High Atlas Foundation and Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank). You can also donate money through our online store, which will be added in its entirety to the global amount the campaign raises.

Knowing that we are all living in a time of great need and that we may not be in a position to purchase a t-shirt or to give money, I also decided to include an option for you to offer “A Gift from the Heart”, which is a way for anyone willing to offer a few written words of support to do so. Every message will be translated into French and Arabic before being distributed to the associations that will coordinate the rebuilding efforts, once the primary emergency actions are over.

Thank you for being the difference for someone in need.

With love, gratitude, and solidarity,

(1) Numbers provided by the Red Cross on September 14th, 2023.


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