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“Winter Is Coming In” [Vinyl]

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Released in November 2022

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

The LP features the unreleased song “Winter Is Coming In (Live from The Upper Room Studio, May 1st, 2020)". The song was then cut onto vinyl using the lathe-cut method. Signed and numbered edition of 175 copies.

- clear heavyweight vinyl
- silkscreen printed
- made with the lathe-cut technique
- signed and numbered

- 1 vinyl
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
- 1 digital download card

Track listing:
1. Winter Is Coming In (Live from The Upper Room Studio, May 1st, 2020)

Created for the collection “Winter Is Coming In”.

Winter Is Coming In is the second track on Alex Henry Foster’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”. Written in Tangier, Morocco, Alex spent an enormous amount of time writing and re-writing it, attempting to find what he called “the source”, until he finally just stopped and started to observe and listen. A song about honesty, redemption, freedom, contrition, confession, and the difference between truth and hope, this song truly took its full meaning when Alex acknowledged that the storm that was raging inside of him was one he himself had kept alive, so that he could realize not only that winter had never come, but that this was also a rare opportunity to keep on witnessing the spring lights.

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