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"The Evidence of Things Unseen" Book

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Released in January 2020

Full download of the book available upon payment confirmation. An email will be sent to you. Email us if you cannot find it.

- Limited edition
- Signed & numbered
- Softcover
- 200+ full color pages
- Dimensions: 11” x 8.5” (L x W)
- Personal essays and notes from Alex
- Never seen before notes from studio sessions
- Excerpts of Alex’s blogs
- Original texts about the journey by the 6 band members
- Rare pictures from the band’s personal archives
- Never released photos from the recording of the band’s first albums


- The book “The Evidence of Things Unseen”
- 1 exclusive silkscreen hand-printed canvas (Dimensions: 28” x 12” (L x W))
- 1 digital download card

*Please note that the digital version only contains a PDF version of the book. No other items are included.

About The Book "The Evidence of Things Unseen":

To mark the 15th anniversary of their very first rehearsal as what would become the original - and still unchanged - lineup of Your Favorite Enemies in the fall of 2005, the band decided to look back at what eventually brought them all over the world by remixing and remastering their first 2 EPs and adding newly discovered demos, writing sessions, and alternative versions of what has become YFE-fan-favorites.

Part commentary, part reminiscence, flashbacks, personal musings, collective recollections and new re-appropriations, this unique project has nothing to do with the usual anthologies, as the band members revisit the genesis of their singular journey, from their improbable beginning to their first encounter with the entertainment world they call the “beautiful monster of all broken dreams”, up to their own understanding and admittance of just how impacted and defined they have been by such an incredible voyage, offering in the meantime a very unique view on what the YFE world was about as seen from the eye of the storm, unveiling with good humor, irony, and humble honesty the light, the shadow and the darkness of a noisy adventure based on faith, family, friendship and their passion for words and sounds that is now representing almost 15 years of their lives…

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