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"A Storm of My Own" Silkscreen Poster

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Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

– Limited collector edition of 75 copies
– Hand-numbered
– First poster crafted by Alex Henry Foster
– Hand-printed silkscreen poster
– Prints on both sides
– Print on back is the never-released poem “A Storm of My Own”
– Dimensions: 16” (width) x 23” (height)

– Silkscreen Poster “A Storm of My Own”

About the Silkscreen Poster “A Storm of My Own”
Hand-crafted in Alex Henry Foster’s creative atelier, the hand-printed silkscreen poster “A Storm of My Own” features a print of a never-seen before piece of poetry handwritten and signed by Alex himself.

With two-sided prints harmoniously designed, this very first “Windows in the Sky” poster is a unique piece of art of its own.

A Storm Of My Own
Someone told me a long time ago
That grief is like an empty house
Standing on its own
Facing the wind
From a distant Storm
As We’re waiting for dawn
To reflect its bright light
Over our long saddened days
For us to become one
With a newborn shine
Remembering our sorrows how it feels
To be alive… and free

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