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"Deconstruction" [Vinyl]

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Released in March 2019

Full download of the album available upon payment confirmation. An email will be sent to you. Email us if you cannot find it.

Limited and collector edition.

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

- 1 lathe cut black heavyweight 12” record
- 1 silkscreen hand-printed jacket
- 1 silkscreen hand-printed inner sleeve
- 1 digital download card
- Digital download link sent upon purchase

Track Listing:
1. Horizon (2:14)
2. Synopsis (5:35)
3. Cardinal (5:14)
4. Immersion (5:54)
5. Quantum (4:59)
6. Ellipse (7:24)
7. Transit (2:15)

About The Album "Deconstruction":

A blend of electro, industrial and shoegaze in the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, Atticus Ross, and Brian Eno, Deconstruction is the first solo album by Sef Lemelin. It is an instrumental album that offers the creative landscape necessary for him to explore the emotional bleakness and depressive realm of isolation that imprisoned him in a childhood defined by mental health issues and severe affective struggles. It’s the soundtrack of someone looking to escape of a dream within a dream.

“Deconstruction is welcoming lights in the obscurity I’ve learned to compose with all my life. Some people scream to be heard, others become the silence they longed. For me, this album represents the moment I decided to go over the walls I had built around myself and face what always scared me the most; the emotions I felt I needed to protect myself from in order to survive outside a universe I had created, trying to convince myself there was more to life than the sorrows I kept feeding myself with. I was looking for words to express myself, but it’s through sounds and noises that I found the courage to speak out.”

- Sef

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