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"I Just Want You To Know" - EP [Digital Download]

"I Just Want You To Know" - EP [Digital Download]

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Released in November 2013

Full download of the EP available upon payment confirmation. An email will be sent to you. Email us if you cannot find it.

- The MP3, FLAC, WAV versions of the EP "I Just Want You To Know".

Track Listing:
1. "I Just Want You To Know"- Album version
2. "I Just Want You To Know" - Radio edit version
3. "I Just Want You To Know" - Live at the Bla Bla Bla on January 2011

About "I Just Want You To Know":
"It might be about the freedom that comes from the personal decision to let go of everything we kept on holding on... about the emotional implication of blending in if not affectively belonging... about the inner wounds of rejection as much as the invisible scars of indifference. It's about the noisy sounds storming in our heads and the raging silence that comes with it. It's about breaking the cycle of our deceiving self-preservation bounds and about the hopeful upraise of light that overcomes the illusionary make-believes shadowing our faith in better tomorrows. It's about freedom and shortcoming promises. And ultimately about the resoluteness of "being", regardless of our shameful losses and regretful disbeliefs... about taking a chance, another one..."


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