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“Love Mending Hope” T-Shirt

Regular price 27.00$

Size chart


Size Body Length Body Width
Small 63 cm / 25 inch 42 cm / 16 1/2 inch
Medium 66 cm / 26 inch 44 cm / 17 1/2 inch
Large 69 cm / 27 inch 48 cm / 19 inch
X-Large 71 cm / 28 inch 52 cm / 22 1/2 inch

Men / Unisex

Size Body Length Body Width
X-Small 69 cm / 27 inch 41 cm / 16 inch
Small 71 cm / 28 inch 46 cm / 18 inch
Medium 74 cm / 29 inch 51 cm / 20 inch
Large 76 cm / 30 inch 56 cm / 22 inch
X-Large 79 cm / 31 inch 61 cm / 24 inch
XX-Large 81 cm / 32 inch 66 cm /26 inch
XXX-Large 84 cm / 33 inch 71 cm / 28 inch
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Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

100% Cotton

– “Love Mending Hope” t-shirt

Designed by Alex Henry Foster for the collection “Love Mending Hope”.

About the collection “ Love Mending Hope”:
In the midst of the profound confusion and the ongoing desperation we’ve all faced in the last 18 months of our lives, I couldn’t help but fathom the reflection that, once stripped away from all the artifices we might have come to believe we needed to keep sustaining our personal self-projection or to feed our self-absorbed purposes, we have the opportunity to see the true nature of who we are, the essence of our life trajectory. We can explore what our inner foundation is made of, what our values stand for, what is the measure of illusion and reality that lies within us. We can look at who we are, not at how we may want others to see us. 

No matter how much we may appreciate or despise what we truly are, we now have the ability to start it all over again, to make peace with what we may have thought unredeemable, to heal what we may have accepted was forever broken, to be merciful for whatever or whoever we had determined to be unforgiving. And as the new daylight slowly emerges from our own darkness, it’s incredibly liberating to know that we all have the possibility to transform everything that was there before. Because if there’s one constant empowering dimension that has prevailed through the ages, it is the fact that only love has the power to mend our hope in new emancipating dawns and to create the upcoming wonders tomorrow will bring. There’s no absolute, no fate, only our resilience to be, imperfectly radiant, like an evolving stream that keeps on flowing, at once calm, agitated, troubled, and serene. That’s the magnificent blessing we have after such a long collective nightmare. No matter what was before, we now are. Alive. Able to be. Free from our own limited design and from everybody else’s demise…

Love mending hope.

- Alex Henry Foster

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