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"Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt
"Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt
"Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt

"Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt

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Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

100% Cotton

- “Peaceful Glimpses" T-Shirt

Designed by Alex Henry Foster for the collection “Windows in the Sky”.

About The T-Shirt “Peaceful Glimpses":
Designed for Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows’ first tour, A Slow Pace of Peace to Come, which has brought the band all over Europe & England, this t-shirt is the symbol of a renaissance, just like the tour has been. From playing music again to being back on stage and communing with you, a reminder that something, somewhere, however you may want to call it, looks over you benevolently, and that we are never truly alone. The hummingbird serves as a symbol of the impossible never being too far from becoming a possibility.

*Please note that this t-shirt is unisex and has a loose fit. Please refer to the size chart to know what size will be the right one for you.


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