"Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]
"Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]
"Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]
Load image into Gallery viewer, "Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]

"Sacred Kind Of Whispers" [Vinyl]

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Released in June 2013

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- Vinyl "Sacred Kind Of Whispers"

Track Listing:


1. If You're Passing By (4:32)
2. Sketching Dreams (3:27)
3. Old Noisy Friend (6:33)
4. 1-2-3 (One Step Away) (5:10)

1. À Ces Matins Sans Âme (3:33)
2. À La Fenêtre (3:21)
3. L'Érosion Du Temps (3:26)
4. Au Nom Du Ciel (6:34)
5. Gravitation Des Coeurs (4:23)

About The Vinyl "Sacred Kind Of Whispers":

"We believed it was essential to share the uniqueness of such an intimate journey in a pure, but soulfully imperfect, form of vivid life in order not only to hear but to feel the warm honesty of the voice being landscaped by the swelling proximity of the guitar effects and the fragility of the piano floating over the striking nature of a dynamic bass and drum supporting the heartfelt rhythm of an acoustic guitar... and the touch of a needle on a vinyl offers such a sonic environment...

Side A is an emotional voyage in itself and Side B is a poetic scenery... which makes the "Sacred Kind Of Whispers" LP a true reflection of the defining experience we went through individually and as a band... as much as being an invitation to let go of any hopeless bonding and to see the colors of the invisible to anyone listening to the album".

The LP includes the song "1-2-3 (One Step Away)" from the album "Between Illness And Migration", and 3 personal songs written over the course of the band's first years. It also includes 5 French poetry songs, one of which has never been released anywhere before. Those texts are excerpts of Alex's upcoming poetry book.


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