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Stardust by Raj Ramayya - Single [Digital Download]

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Stardust is the first single from Raj Ramayya’s album “Spice Age Adventures”, which will be released on August 18.

Stardust is a stand-out classic acoustic rock track in the vein of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb and David Bowie's Major Tom featuring cinematic theremin, church organs and swirling synths against a backdrop of lyrics and melodies.

Stardust tells the tale of Ravi, an overly imaginative spicy food lover and nerdy musician med school drop-out who drives taxi to make a living whilst having narcotic-fueled dreams of being abducted by a green extraterrestrial girl with a silver mouth. On her planet, spice and music do not exist! Ravi writes her a love song beseeching her "take me to your planet." Is he dreaming, or is this really happening? Is he in love, or is this a fantasy? Will they make curry in outer space? Stay tuned.

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