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“The Love That Moves” [Vinyl]

Regular price 35.00$

Released in November 2023

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster’s own creative atelier.

The LP features the unreleased song “The Love That Moves (Live from The Upper Room Studio, July 26th, 2020)". The song was then cut onto vinyl using the lathe-cut method. Signed and numbered edition of 200 copies.

- clear heavy-weight vinyl
- silkscreen printed
- made with the lathe-cut technique
- signed and numbered (on 200)

- 1 vinyl
- 1 hand-printed jacket
- 1 digital download card

Track listing:
1. The Love That Moves (Live from The Upper Room Studio, July 26th, 2020)

Created for the collection “The Love That Moves”.

“The Love That Moves” has more to do with an intimate prayer than a well-designed mantra projecting what I would like to convince myself or others of. It’s my way of confessing what that journey has been, but even more to present who I became going through it all…

Is grieving the ability to conquer darkness and make it shine? Is mourning the acceptance of the end that allows us to begin all over again? Is emotional emancipation no longer being afraid of losing what we never truly had in the first place? Maybe it is. Maybe it ain’t. But one thing for sure is that love moves, forgives, and heals… Way beyond any pale morning light or any dazzling make-believes.

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