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"The Uplifting Sound… Live in Shanghai, May 8, 2011" [Vinyl]

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Released in December 2016

Full download of the album available upon payment confirmation. An email will be sent to you. Email us if you cannot find it.

Printed and crafted at The Fabrik, Alex Henry Foster's creative atelier.

Members of the SFCC receive an exclusive clear vinyl instead of the original black one.

- “The Uplifting Sound…” concert with remixed and remastered audio
- The 180g lathe cut audiophile hi-fi sound quality vinyl
- 4 limited collector hand-signed and numbered silkscreen posters
- A deluxe handmade silkscreen jacket
- A handmade silkscreen vinyl inner sleeve

Track Listing


1. I Might Be Wrong (6:49)
2. Midnight’s Crashing (15:12)


3. Little Sister (22:47)

About “The Uplifting Sound Of An Epiphanic Awakening…” Vinyl:
On November 19, 2011, Your Favorite Enemies released “The Uplifting Sound Of An Epiphanic Awakening…” DVD, documenting the band’s first China tour and featuring their performance at the Shanghai MIDI Festival, a concert still considered by several Chinese music pundits and observers as one of the most iconic shows to have ever been performed in the country.

Therefore, in order to celebrate what has been a defining and pivotal moment in Your Favorite Enemies’ history, the band members decided not only to make “The Uplifting Sound” concert available for the very first time on vinyl, but to entirely remix and remaster the performance themselves, marking such a significant anniversary by sharing their personal and intimate sonic perspectives on a limited and collectible engraved vinyl.

The “Uplifting Sound” collector vinyl edition is handmade at YFE’s HQ, using the lathe cut technique on heavyweight 180g vinyl for the best possible hi-fi sound quality, to ensure the ultimate audiophile experience. This unique vinyl is housed in a handmade silkscreen inner sleeve and jacket, and comes with 4 limited collector hand-signed and numbered silkscreen posters.

“The Uplifting Sound” is Your Favorite Enemies’ second personal project to be released on the band’s limited and collector vinyl edition collection “Spin It ’Til It Bleeds”.

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