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"Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire" - EP [CD]

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Released in July 2013

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- The EP “Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire”

Track Listing
1. Satsuki Yami (1:46)
2. Empire Of Sorrows (6:33)
3. A View From Within (5:57)

About “Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire”:
A blend of alternative, shoegaze, new prog and noise rock, "Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire" is the soundscape of peace through confusion, of solace through despair, love through desires and of dreamful let go through fierce angst. The 3-track EP travels through both ends of the emotional spectrum, in which the band redefined the textures of its distinctive sonic identity.

The guitar driven atmospheres, keyboard drones, distorted bass lines and twisted drum beats collide perfectly in some high level chaos, supporting Alex Foster's vocal delivery, sometimes tremendously raging, sometimes hopefully sorrowful, all reflecting the sincere "dark-bright" tone of his unique poetical way.

From the plaintively dreamy "Satsuki Yami", to the singular noise poetry of "Empire Of Sorrows" and fascinating essence of the lead single "A View From Within", "Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire" is a journey in itself, a rebirth on its own, a way to find, to lose it all and reinvent the nature of a new morning dawn…

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