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A Conversation with Alex About his Music Writing Journey

A Conversation with Alex About his Music Writing Journey


I hope you’re doing well…! We’re all still so blissful and thankful following last Saturday’s first live concert filmed from Alex’s home! The entire All the Violence in the World journey leading to this specific day has been one-of-a-kind for us all! The turmoil between what we were reading from our friends in Ukraine and Russia and us digging into our deepest inner selves, looking for those tiny diamonds hidden in the roughness of our fears and doubts, has been quite exhausting, to say the least…

I had the privilege to sit down again with Alex following the recording of this concert, as I wanted to share with you what the recording and creative process of this specific journey of ours around All the Violence in the World has been like! I had the chance to interview Alex during the creative process and wanted to invite you to the core of this journey, asking Alex to share for the very first time about how he sees the process of creating music! 

This video is only available to the members of The Club for a few days! Enjoy! 


Alex and I have a friend based in Kyiv who usually books bands for a living. He works for one of the biggest Ukrainian festivals, called Atlas, and we’ve been seeing each other every year in different places around the world as the three of us were attending music conferences and festivals. 

Since February 24, 2022, his life has become something else completely, a dramatic change for no valuable and understandable reasons. He was now seeing his family and friends leave the country, fight for it, or worse, simply be killed… He and his entire crew decided to turn their company into one that would rescue Ukrainian civilians. The All-Ukrainian Association of Musical Events, in peaceful times, is the largest association of representatives of the music industry in Ukraine. Now, their humanitarian help center has already been deployed on the premises of Atlas venue in Kyiv and they also help other cities remotely. In the near future, they plan to equip a center on the border that will provide safe and comfortable conditions for the refugees who are fleeing the country.

Alex and I decided to support our dear friend and his amazing humanitarian entrepreneurship by putting together this concert, those vinyls you so generously got a hold of, and this unique t-shirt, the profits of which will be sent to him and his friends in order to keep their outstanding work toward the ones in needs in Ukraine. 

Music can change the world...! :) We’ll never be thankful enough for your tremendous generosity and for making this world a much better place! 

We’ll be back very soon around the release of Alex’s new project titled The Power of the Heart

Stay tuned for more music and vinyls! 

Your Host and Friend,

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