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🎥 An Inspiring Conversation Between Alex and Me!

🎥 An Inspiring Conversation Between Alex and Me!


I hope you’re doing great! 

I’m actually sitting in my bed with my headphones on, listening to Sqürl. I can’t sleep after the amazing day we had the band together, being a week before what will be the very first live event, direct-to-vinyl recorded from Alex’s home in Virginia. It was so moving for me as we were all there, listening to what we’ve been working on lately, mesmerized while realizing how ennobling it is to be the entire band together sharing real and raw emotions following such a long journey where everything felt like a battlefield within ourselves and all around.

I felt as if I had just paused a moving scene in a movie in order to process and realize how much beauty and depth there is all around me at this very precise moment in time. Witnessing Alex laughing, singing, screaming, writing, and dancing day after day as we give life to something we can't wait to share truly gives me wings, faith, and hope...!

I had the chance to sit down with him and share about what’s going on in his personal and artistic life as we’re all here, in his home, in the highlands of Virginia, being inspired by one another as spring humbly invites us to witness its purest colors and smells…! 

Thank you for watching, and I truly can’t wait to share this musical journey with you next weekend, on April 23! 



Just a quick reminder…! This unique and homemade vinyl will be available starting Wednesday, April 20, at 10am Eastern Time for you, and will remain exclusively available within The Club for 48 hours! That’s one of the amazing perks of being a member!  

Following those 48 hours, the vinyl will be available for the non-members as well (if there are any left), starting Friday, April 22, at 10am Eastern Time. We printed only 150 of those little treasures, so I’m inviting you to be quick, since from what I remember from the previous times, they were going away quite quickly! 

All the profits will be sent to Music Saves UA, hoping this will help put an end to tyranny and despotism occurring in Ukraine right now…

Thank you so much and keep an eye on the SFCC Instagram account, as I’ll start sharing more and more of what’s happening here until next Saturday’s Live Concert! 

You might like what you hear and see!

It’s 1:30am…. Good night! :) 

Your Host and Friend,

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