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A Conversation with Alex from Tangier - Part II

A Conversation with Alex from Tangier - Part II


I hope you’re doing well! I’m now back in Drummondville, at the HTR HQ for a few days before heading back down to Virginia where, for the first time since last Christmas Holidays, Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows will all be together! What a great moment in time! Feels like we’re flying these days, almost walking on water! 

I’m listening to the new PIL album, “End of World”, while I’m sharing this with you, on this lovely and sunny Sunday afternoon! I’m always delighted to be inspired by John Lydon since, as he likes to say, “Anger is an energy” and this is what 2023 has been about on our end! The great news is that we’re now slowly entering into a brand new chapter of this very dark year! 

I’m very thrilled to present you this second half of our Conversation from Tangier with Alex!!!!! 

Thanks again for watching and for sending me your incredible words, which I always share with Alex, and trust me, these are what we value the most! 

This is the last Club Missive of the summer and we’re finalizing it with a huge bang! The second part of this interview is where deep emotions are not shy to show up since what Alex went through between January and April simply was quite insane physically, psychologically, and emotionally…! 

Starting next week, I’ll be sharing more about the new year’s theme and designs of the Club’s annual package! Very exciting fall season ahead with a lot of new, new, and more new things on every level of who we are and what we do!!!! 

Stay tuned, and until next week! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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