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🚨This Year’s New Theme and New Design Introduction!

🚨This Year’s New Theme and New Design Introduction!


I hope you’re doing as well as I am...! I really like this time of the year, when we’re heading toward the thrilling unveiling of the new theme and package, even if I can’t believe we’re already walking into September’s doorway! I hope you had a memorable summertime loaded with festivals, travels, gatherings, family times, sunsets and sunrises with your loved ones, or long walks where deep thoughts and reflections brought peace to your heart and soul! 

It’s been quite amazing on our end, and I’m quite glad things are finally moving forward for Alex, as we’re entering what will be such a busy fall season. I actually had the chance to drive back down to Alex’s home in Virginia last Thursday, and I’ll stay for a few weeks with the rest of The Long Shadows, as we’re about to get started working on new sounds and noises…! 

Alex and I sat down yesterday and shared about the upcoming months and we both felt some kind of vertigo as we got deeply into it, both on fire following the latest conversation we had in Tangier (Watch Part 1 / Watch Part 2)! Hopefully, Alex’s health will simply reach higher grounds going onward, even higher than what he was like pre-operation! 

I truly can’t wait to share more about this journey with you, but since we have a lot to go through before the year ends, let’s start from the beginning of what hitting September means as a member of The Club! 



If you just recently joined The Club, know that we have a yearly tradition that has been lasting for 12 years now. Every year, Alex develops and designs a membership package under a soulful theme for the year. This idea that Alex had to give The Club a yearly theme, identity, vision, and colors, has always been such a treat; everything is thought of, designed, and crafted in a DIY ethos and in grand style with Alex and his incredible design and creative team! 

This year makes no exception and we’re already getting to that specific and exciting time! Last year’s theme and designs around “Brighter as We Rise Up Again” have been quite meaningful to us all, sparking so many great conversations throughout a year that has been like no others on so many levels, good and bad. Especially following a two-year-plus COVID-19 pandemic, I still relate to this theme on a daily basis! 

So, for the 12th time, we’re now very proudly celebrating this community spirit, those precious friendships, and the unlimited possibilities of what being together can truly mean. We live in a world that’s more and more cynical, where everything mainly is about the I, the me, the myself, more than anything else. 

For Alex and me, it’s all about us, the we, the community, this sense of a tribe that we’ve all encountered, shared and built together since the very beginning and that reached new heights all year long. This is what we’re both the most proud of!

This year’s theme goes like this:

The Exhilarating Joy of a Life Made Anew
(From Something Given to Someone Revived)

Important to know: In the upcoming missives, I’ll walk you through the meaning of this theme and design as I’ll have the opportunity to sit down with Alex for another conversation!  




I’ll be live on Alex’s Facebook page on Saturday, September 16, at 10am Eastern Time, introducing the Old School and New School packages to everyone and explaining what The Club is all about! It’s an amazing opportunity for us to gather and for you to invite your family and friends! 

Hint: There will be a unique item available exclusively for you, which is a first in the entire history of The Club! More about it next week!!!


We will ship those packages for you around October 2! I’ll of course let you know and update you regarding this important phase! 

See you very soon! Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host & Friend, 

PS: I was listening to BDRMM's new album “I Don’t Know” while writing this Club Missive! 

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