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🎉 Finally! The Club’s New Packages Inside!!!!

🎉 Finally! The Club’s New Packages Inside!!!!


I hope you’re doing well! It’s currently 2pm on Saturday, I’m still in Virginia, and we just gathered and talked about the earthquake that occurred in the southern part of Morocco last night. We were all so touched by the hundreds of messages we’ve received by so many of you, and luckily enough, everyone we know is all safe and sound. 

I woke up around 5am since my phone kept on buzzing from all the messages I was receiving, which literally got me up and I straight away started answering, but also sending messages to friends and families we know in Tangier. I texted Alex wondering if he was sleeping or not, and obviously, he was fully awake and chatting with loads of people for a few hours already! 

Not surprising at all coming from him, especially in a country very dear to his heart, where thousands of people’s lives are completely turning around in a split second. The same reaction he had in 2011 following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, where we literally went on site ourselves without anyone’s help, as the Canadian Embassy called us saying we were on our own! This is the kind of thing that can happen when disasters mess with the people we deeply love…! 

So, here we were, at 5am on a Saturday morning, Alex and I, chatting about who he reached out to, and who I should be reaching out to next! We both dived pretty deep into our WhatsApp and spent hours contacting people, making sure everyone we knew, including their friends and family, were also fine. It was the least we could do, for now… What an unexpected and insane way to start the day… 

As Alex shared, and as he and I often talk about: 

I discovered Morocco in 2016, as a stranger with a bruised soul. You welcomed me with benevolence and your kindness towards me has healed numerous of those wounds… You made me a friend… and I have the joy of being established in your country in 2021, a place that, through your heartwarming welcome, is a place that I have the happiness to call home. It’s on this singular basis that my humble prayers accompany you during those times of suffering, anguish, and dismay. 

Here to read the entire text.

I’m a little tired now after such a short and stressful night, but very thrilled to go live this Saturday and share with everyone what this year is all about for The Club! It was so great to read several messages from you about the theme and the design, it’s always a little stressful, especially for Alex, when it comes to sharing those with you...! 

So, here’s what the New School and Old School packages will look like this year: 




I’ll be Live on Alex’s Facebook page this Saturday, September 16 at 10am Eastern Time introducing the new Old School and New School packages to everyone and explaining what The Club is all about! It’s an amazing opportunity for us to gather and for you to invite your family and friends! 


We will ship those packages for you around October 2nd! I’ll of course let you know and update you regarding this important phase! 


If you are a New School member and would like to switch to the Old School membership, here’s what you need to do: write an email to and inform them of your desire to change your type of membership. As easy as this!

See you next weekend! Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host & Friend, 

PS: I’ve been listening to the new single by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure), The Lamentations of Jeremiah, on repeat, while writing this missive down! 

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