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📱The Club App Is Here for You!

📱The Club App Is Here for You!


I hope you’re well! It’s Saturday afternoon, around 3pm, and I’m still walking on clouds following the live moment we shared a little earlier today. I’m always quite nervous when it comes to those new year celebrations for The Club, since I have so many things to tell you, as I need to do it in two languages simultaneously, and the worst part, trying to do this within 60 minutes! I almost did it...!

But this time was even more of a challenge since there was way more than new packages and designs, but a huge celebration of life, art, and an invitation for an outstanding community of great souls to take action for what happened in Morocco. What a moment that was during the presentation! 

The fact that I had a video call from a friend of mine who had arrived in a small village where everything had been destroyed the day before, introducing me to the people while walking around, it was kinda impossible for me not to become emotional as I talked about it. I’m so thankful for your incredible comments and already above and beyond support through the t-shirt sales, the donations, and the gift from the heart messages you’re sending...! Forever thankful!    

We have a lot to go through today, so I suggest we deep dive right into it! Here’s a link to the Hope For Morocco initiative we started last Saturday, just in case you missed it.



I’m so proud and delighted to finally share this mobile app with you as I’ve been working on this project for the past 18 months at least! As I shared with you last Saturday, Alex and I wanted to bring this community-driven spirit to a brand-new level and to be able to get in touch with you at the speed of light! 

We’re entering into one of the most creative and exciting eras of our lives since Alex is now feeling much better than ever this year. There was no better time to launch this app and to share incredible moments, comments, laughter, and open conversations around life, dreams, and art! 

Enough said! Let’s live it! Here are a few technical aspects for you to download the app, log in, and come say hi!

It is compatible with both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)

2) LOG IN 
An account has already been created for you. 
The email address is the one to which I send you my weekly missives.
Your temporary password is Club2023. 
To reset it, follow these instructions.
Having trouble logging in? Send an email to
Feel free to add a photo of you and to change your username!
There are already exclusivities for you to enjoy on the app, so have a look!

PS: A step-by-step guide is also available here.


I really can’t wait to dive deeper into all of what’s ahead of us this year! The new theme, the artist with whom we collaborated for the design, the design itself, the vinyl, the music and so on! 

I’m landing in Hamburg, Germany, for the Reeperbahn Festival as you’re reading this! I’ll try to share some cool stuff in the app to give you a little taste of it! Exciting times ahead!!! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

PS: I was listening to the new album by Explosions in the Sky, End, while writing this missive down! 

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