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A little more about Snowflakes in July...

A little more about Snowflakes in July...

I hope you’re doing great! As you know, we have a very busy weekend on the way as we’ll have the wonderful opportunity to share a very special live moment this upcoming Sunday, July 26, at 10am (EDT), in partnership with BrooklynVegan, the social, musical and artistic iconic web platform!

Therefore, If you haven’t opted-in for the event already, I’m inviting you to do so, as you’ll get a reminder when the stream starts on Sunday!



It’s very particular to be part of Alex’s creative journey. We - his band - are always very excited and truly looking forward to sharing the upcoming live moment with you, but we also know just how deep it is for Alex to share those songs with others, may it be us or anyone else watching live. There’s a fragile yet powerful dimension to Alex’s personal universe.

We have the privilege to witness the struggles he has to expose himself, as well as his striving motion towards what he calls the “emancipative exposing light”. Let's say there’s no room for fake and easy when the “maestro” joins us to incarnate his songs.

When Alex told us he wanted to play a new song for the next live stream moment, we were all very surprised. He then gave newly-composed lyrics to Miss Isabel, had a lap steel style guitar and a copperphone (a special microphone) installed in his station, added a few more sheets of lyrics on the road case in front of him, and there we went!

He kept adding, changing, and striking all over his lyric sheets for the whole time we were following him musically. At one point, he said: “OK, this will be the soft structure. Just stay on cues, the song will move based on whatever I feel that day.” He saw something we were still trying to figure out...! That’s how he likes to operate! If it’s real, it will be alright! If we want to turn that into a jam performance, he will make sure it’s a disaster...!


Don’t forget, my friend! For this very last chapter in the "Windows in the Sky" hand-crafted lathe-cut limited-edition vinyl series, we decided to print a total of 125 copies. We usually only have 100, but having an extra 25 will give the opportunity to a few more of you to welcome one of those “Snowflakes in July” vinyls in your collection! And, as we like to do, as a member of the club, you will be able to put your hands on those 48 hours before it’s available to everyone…

Pre-order will start in less than 2 days for you, on July 24, at 9am EDT, on Alex's online store.

Looking forward to hearing from you my dear friend!

Your host,

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