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Only a very few Alex Henry Foster

Only a very few Alex Henry Foster's Vinyl "Snowflakes in July" Available For You!

I’m very happy to let you know that your patience will finally be rewarded! My impatience to share it all with you can now be turned into an excitement for what we will commune!

As a member of the Secret Family Cult Club, you now have access to Alex Henry Foster’s very special "Snowflakes in July" limited and collector silkscreened lathe-cut LP!

If you’re new to the club or aren’t very familiar with how it works, it is as simple as it is really communal!

You have the priority to get the LP “Snowflakes in July” until Sunday, July 26, 9am EDT. Basically, this means you have a 24-hour exclusive pre-sale timeframe before it becomes available to everyone who isn't a member of the fan club.

Every collector lathe-cut vinyl release is special in its own way, but since “Snowflakes in July” will be Alex's last chapter for his album “Windows in the Sky” live from The Upper Room Studio before he slowly migrates towards a new creative journey, I think it gives this edition a little something even more particular.

Since it’s a direct-to-vinyl project, which means the live recording will be captured in real-time without further changes, this is even more meaningful. Knowing the intuitive and unpredictable nature of Alex’s live renditions of his songs, you can expect a very unique moment, especially knowing that “Snowflakes in July” remains the most intimate and personal song on “Windows in the Sky” for him.

Remember that every limited and collector silkscreened lathe-cut LP always sells out very quickly. We will only have 125 copies, so make sure to get your copy before they're gone, as there will be no reprint in the future.

Here’s what every “Snowflakes in July” vinyl includes:
– The song Snowflakes in July (Live from the Upper Room Studio, July 26, 2020)
– 1 hand-printed silkscreen heavyweight lathe cut 12” LP
– Signed and numbered limited edition
– 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
– 1 digital download card

PS: If you are looking for a little more, Alex decided to mark the occasion by offering you the option to add a special t-shirt with a sewn-on patch and a slipmat, both of which he designed, to complete the “Snowflakes in July” visual to accompany your collector-edition vinyl.



The only idea of having the privilege to experience and share a live moment with you is always thrilling for us all in the band. No need to say that the vibe here at our church-studio is presently quite breathtaking! Every member of the team is coming together and we’re all really into the motion, whatever it ends up being.

I can’t say it enough, and this time is no exception, but music truly heals, moves, gathers, and has the power to free our minds and souls, to elevate ourselves above everything that darkens our existences no matter if it’s through the digital world or in real life. As Alex recently said when I asked him what it meant for him as an artist to perform on the internet considering how people usually are an intrinsic part of his live shows:

“For me, and us as a band, we know that if we allow ourselves to be totally immersed in the spirit of the songs and the moment they took place in, true emotions will always find a way to transcend the communicative medium used to convey their communal nature. So my focus is always to get myself out of the way for the gathering spirit of the moment to be at the center of it all, not me or the band.” - Alex

This is the spirit and vibe I believe we all need nowadays! A moment real enough to offer us all the opportunity to let go, experience, and share, simple and real, that has the ability to hopefully uplift us in our different ways.

So you have my word, this live moment will truly be one of a kind!

Your friend and host,


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